Friday, 2 March 2018

The Noxious Creep of British Fascism

The question that has been asked has been “Who do the Tory MPs in Scotland actually represent with their extreme Brexit views?

The answer appears clear, their own interests and those of their and their party’s financial backers. One thing is for certain it is not the majority view of the constituents they are supposed to represent, whose primary wish is to stay within the EU in every case.

More worrying; the same set of “Scotch” Tory MPs appear to be backing Mr Reese-Mogg’s attempts to secure the most economically disastrous of Brexit options. An option which will focus ever more power and wealth in a small elite of politicians at Westminster and their oligarch supporters. My O.E.D describes such a political policy as fascism.

Are we to believe these “Scotch” Tory MPs believe fascism is the way ahead for a Brexit UK Parliamentary Union? 

By supporting Mr Reese-Mogg, this would appear to be their intent.

This is appears the current political position, the Tory Party creeping towards imposing an ever more UK fascist state on its citizens, which not just Scots but everyone in the UK must become very concerned about.

The irony is the very same Tory Party that bangs on about the UK’s historical wins in battle, the glory of empire and our bequeathing of democracy to the world, at every turn, is the very party which seeks to impose the system of governance my father’s generation died to prevent taking over in Europe - fascism. 

Enoch Powell, hero of the current anti-immigrant Tories, described the current system of UK parliamentary democracy as an elected dictatorship. A dictatorship by the very few over the many, given how much power lies within the cabinet office and prime minister. It appears the Tory Party is now looking to take the system of elected dictatorship to its logical conclusion, creating enemies and scapegoats where ever it can to hide its own failings and political power grab. Joseph Goebbel's would be proud of their use of the UK national media to spin their conceit and lies but fascism is fascism whether in 1930's National Socialist Germany or 2018 UK Tory Party policy.

The evidence for the take over of power by minority Tory politicians for the benefit of their oligarch friends can be seen in the current slicing and dicing of the NHS England, for no other reason than they can, and the sell off at any price, usually far higher than the current Health Authority cost, to mega corporations like Virgin. Patients in England are already being denied NHS services because they are not signed up with a Health Trust doctor but a Virgin care doctor. Next will be the compulsion of having your region fracked to bits so the Tory backers from INEOS can make a killing. This is what the likes of Alistair Jack and his Reese-Mogg loving “Scotch pals” have signed up to for Scotland whether they understand the consequence of their support or not.

Just maybe the Labour and Libdem MSPs are beginning to understand just what a post Brexit UK will look like under a future UK Tory or even a Corbyn Labour Government, it is not pretty, it is not liberal, it will not be democratic and is the ultimate end point of Brexit, as currently being pursued by both the UK Tory and Labour Parties.