Sunday, 28 January 2018

Lies, lies and then there are Unionists

Last week it was NHS Scotland failing (again) and 'flag gate', this week looks to be the Unionists attempts to blame the SNP for the PFI mess in Scotland which the self same unionists set up in the first place by handing out freebies to their pals in Carrilion and other offical Ponzi schemes.

I hope that Nichola Sturgeon drags the editors of both the Express, Mail and the Telegraph through the Scottish Courts for defamation. The Mail's apology is about as honest and sincere as most of the content the paper spews out on a daily basis.

There is little doubt the British Establishment is getting worried, very worried indeed, as its long standing cash cow, Scotland, is about to turn into a bull which will wreck the British Establishment china shop. There is a report on Bloomberg USA indicating that rUK could not service its national debt if Scotland becomes independent, its pundits currently predicting the pound will go as low as 80 cents US to the £1 by the middle of 2018.

As soon as you go outside the London media bubble and have a scurry around what Europe and the rest of the world is saying about Brexit there is a unanimous view that it will be disastrous for the UK's economy and people.You may have seen the cartoon from "Le Monde" which shows a bowler hatted man, wearing Union flagged shorts, in a handshake with Europe while sawing through their own arm. Even the right wing leaning Polish and Hungarian Governments are saying the UK has lost the plot, the EU might not be anywhere near perfect but it is a lot better than anything else since the last war, for Europe.

You can tell how desperate the British Establishment is getting when they have the Defence Minister spin the 'Russians are coming!' card, yet again.

When I was a young Royal Naval Officer in the mid 1970's, at the height of the Cold War, I attended "Know your enemy briefings" given by experts from the Defence Research Establishment and United Services. The message was pretty clear. If the Soviets did not militarily move West by the middle to late 1980's their economy would collapse, bringing down the Soviet Government and breaking up the the Soviet block of countries. In due course they did not come, Poland started opening the cracks in Gdansk with Lev Walenska and the shipyard workers which, in due course, lead to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Communist Empire in the West. During all this process the old Soviet Government did not try to stir a war with the West, even though there were a number of NATO scenarios which expected, in fact predicated the old Soviets would, if their Western satellites looked like coming over to the NATO side.

Yes, the Russians moaned about the threat to their borders and have created a civil war in Ukraine, to destabilise the country because the Ukraine joining NATO and the EU is just a step to far. The Russian military thinking remains based, in the west, on preventing a repeat of a NAZI style "Barbarossa" invasion by NATO. In the past they stirred up the Balkans via their old friends and allies, Serbia, to remind NATO they could. They are currently cosying up to Turkey as they see a chance to lever Turkey out of NATO. The Russian Government now prefers to exercise its influence in Europe via Gazprom gas pipelines which supply large tracts of Europe beyond their borders, including England.

What does this say about the Russian threat?

If we do not poke the Russian bear it will not turn and bite us as Russia prefers to carry on any argy-bargy with the USA and China via third parties as in Syria and Vietnam - it costs the Russians far less in cash and manpower. The Russian economy is presently too reliant on a strong and stable EU to want to upset that apple cart.

The question remains, just how much longer before the tired old 78 rpm, Bakelite, propaganda record of the British Establishment with all its scratches, distortions, jump backs and cracks continue to play in Scotland before we, as a nation state, chuck it in the bin?

Kelly's attempts to kick out the anti sectarianism bill in football is just another indicator of how stressed and small minded the Unionist cause has become in Scotland.

I have a simple solution to the problem of the Old Firm's sectarian habit. All the Old Firm supporters are registered, rounded up, armed with targes and claymores, Glasgow Green is turned into a massive arena, with high walls, no spectators, no media of any sort and the two sets of fans fight it out to the last person standing, I am talking equal opportunities here. Giving both sides the chance to show just how committed they actually are to spilling each others "Protestant and / or Fenian blood" which they like to sing about.

In the meantime the rest of normal Scotland can get on with its life looking to create an open, forward looking and inclusive nation state outside of a UK Parliamentary Union. Outside the stale and vindictive influence of the British Establishment which strives hard to keep this meaningless pseudo-religious bigotry going, simply to meet its own narrow, ignorant, selfish and self serving agenda.

Monday, 1 January 2018

This new year, same as the last ...

A guid New Year tae ane an aa, anither year, fu aa muckle thochts fir a braw Scotia to be, yit ane thit'll see fair fa' mair aa thon "aye bit maybees" whit huds ilka fowk frae daeing bugger aa tae alter aucht. Scots ir tae usit tae takin the hind teat, tae solt thit being doon an inferior is whit Scots ir, tae usit tae thochts thit the Englis ir mair smairt an braw thin oorsels an we cannae dae aucht ir we'll jist makit a muckle stramash, a whamjambamfrae o a stoor, a gowden midden if ye sae wishit. Even thi Scotis we use aa an every dae is jist a puir relation tae Englis, jist fir thi ignorant and thon fowks twa slices short o a fu loaf - or romantics sic as ma guidsel wha wishit tae return tae its former glory aboon thi wurld o thi airts an na jist lurking doon som wee snikket ir vennel lik ane junkie aftir a fix ir some 'done. Aa thon fowk whit hae a gander doon thir sneb at Scotis fair makit me wishit tae bouk all iver thir sleekit claes whilst thon linkit airms an gie voice tae "Lang syne" with nae a dockie aboot whit it is sayin. Thon fowk widnae ken a whit "guid williewaucht" wis if it wis poorit ower thir ane heids.

Whin it cames tae makin a muckle shit heap aa Scotland us Scots - sae lang in thi thrall o Westminster - dae a guid job wi oot mickle meddlin frae ony ithers as we hud tae whit the Westminster media blasts in oor lugs ir stuff oor moo's wi is bein gospel. Wir still jist a parcel o rogues ca'd a nation, a nation whit canne wipe thir ane muckle erses wi oot Lununn's say so, efter aa thits whit the BBC is aye tellin us.

Yit fir maist o thi time ca'd the Dark an then Middles ages Scotia wis pairt of a complex system o trade aa arount the North Sea in thi EU o the day; frae Fance tae Norway, frae Iceland tae St Petersburg. It wisnae jist stuff whit the Scots traded bit ideas, fashions an inventions tae Lubeck ir Bergen ir thon muckle cities aa riches lik Bruges ir Antwerp. Dae ye ken whit brocht thon tae an end? Whit brocht Scotia doon tae it hunkers? Wis it stupit bankers? Wis it haen nae products tae trade thit ithers wantit? Wis it thon bogeyman ca'd Darien?

Bit Bruges importit Scottis coal, hides, salmon, wid an muckle mair as did Antwerp ir Amsterdam ir Lubek ir Bergen.

Whit wreckit Scotia's trade wis the 1707 Union whit pit us on the wrang side o Europe an killit oor trade stane deid alang wi ir Ald Alliance wi France as the French an Englis wir it war wi each ither aa ower Europe an the seas. Sae ye see, naethin haes changit ower aa thon years o Union, the Englis ir still seekin tae kill Scotia's trade wi Europe aa ower agin fir much thi sam reason is awaes - tae keep us Scots in oor place whilst leeching us o aa oor wurldly guids an fowk, as they hiv fir mair thin three hunnert year.

"Here's tae the Union" means here's tae poverty fir Scotia wi ilka few da'en weel oot o it aa. Thits whit "Scotland in Union" an aa its splinters an fechtin ir aboot, thir ane pooches na whits guid fir Scotia. Bocht and soldit fir Englis gowd, gowd whit thon Englis vagabonds, scramshankers an ne'r dae weels hae wrassled fae Scotland in thi furst place. Thin thon toffee snebed fowk arount thon "Hame Coonties" tells us aa thit we Scots ir the scroungers, ye couldna makit up; is thi Englis Government and thir hingers on wrauchkle mair and mair o oor Scottis gowd an siller intae thir aff shore islands whir it lingers aa alane daen nae guid for onybody in Scotland, minging o shite an hypocrasy.

If aa this disnae makit ye intae a rage, makit ye tae git up aff yer arses, tae tak Scotia back frae the fowk wha ir wrauchling aa oor pockets fir oor ane bawbees an pennies tae tart up thir fine hooses, thin aa am sayin is this, ee'n afore a talkit aboot thi forced poverty thon Englis Government is pitting on thse British Islands, the corpses thir it makin on a daily basis, the fowk whit ir hivin tae beg fir a bittie bried fir thir bairns, a fire tae keepit them warm ir ee'n a roofie o'er thir heids - forgit it bein' a Guid New Year, Bliadnah Math Ur ... ir whit ever it is yer tellin yersel', if yae dae bugger aa tae change it, this year is jist going tae be the same as the last ... a disaster wi ee'n mair fowk in Scotia loused.