Tuesday, 17 September 2019

OoooH! Hwow Whood!

It now comes to this; the right wing Brexit supporting media are seeking to shift the blame for Boris "Custard Spine" Johnson bailing out of the post meeting press conference because of the "rudeness" of those protesters outside the building in Luxembourg. They are claiming it was the "right thing" for the Prime Minister to have done because he would not have got a "fair hearing".

It turns out the protesters were a group of British Expats who live in Luxembourg who now have no security of tenure in Luxembourg if a "No Deal" Brexit goes ahead. If losing their homes is not bad enough they are also concerned that Johnson has no plans (or probable idea) of how to repatriate them or if they will be compensated for the loss of their homes and, in some cases, jobs in Luxembourg let alone all the other potential UK citizen job and asset losses across the EU.

The idea that this was not cowardice but a shrewd political move might just have wheels except Johnson bailed out the backdoor of Bute House when faced with a less than adoring public at the front door and has done similar fliers when confronted by hostile crowds on his recent  UK "meet the people" tour which was going to bring every one onside with the Johnson mantra for Brexit.

The real problem for Johnson and his media minders is ordinary people across the UK are starting to look askance at Johnson and his blustering palaver act. The Scots, the Irish and, increasingly, the Welsh have seen through what Boris is about. It has little to do with what is best for the UK or any of its constituent parts and has been exposed as a way for many of the richest folk in the UK to make even more money by short selling Sterling on a "bet" the UK will leave on the 31st of October 2019.

Rees-Mogg's Dublin operation has been short selling sterling, other commentators are saying there are other UK finance companies doing the same, there is a potential gain of many billion pounds for those taking the gamble; if it comes off. It matters not to Johnson nor his kith and kin that the people they are, in effect, robbing are the majority of current UK taxpayers and savers; the people who will actually pay for their foreign exchange gamble; the folk whose already reduced purchasing power will be hit further and whose savings will become next to worthless. Remember the £1 in your pocket is now worth 69p compared to 2010 and that is before we get the short selling hit on sterling's value after Brexit.

So according to right wing commentators Johnson should not have to face these UK citizens who are justifiably angry and frightened to the point they actually came to protest during his visit to Luxembourg. Their catcalls were not defamatory as Johnson is a proven liar and just like that other stalwart of the UK Union, Libdem, Alistair Carmichael, he has now been condemned a liar by the courts.

A real leader faces his detractors, a good leader actually listens to his detractors and a great leader can either defend their position or have the grace to admit they were wrong.

Johnson did none of these and, like a latter day King John when faced with his failure, ran away with his tail between his legs carrying his ill-gotten gains. We can but hope Johnson eats a surfeit of lampreys and goes the same way as King John while the rest of the sad troupe of Tory Brexiteer gamblers lose all their cash in the muddy wastes of a metaphorical Wash.

There is 44 days left to Brexit as I write this and I have personal concerns to do with my Military and NHS disablement pensions if the financial sterling crash on Brexit is the estimated three times as bad as in 2008.

Will the UK Government have the funds to pay me and all the other War and NHS Pensioners or will they cut and run from their obligations. Given Johnson's performance in Luxembourg along with all the millionaire Tories and Brexiteers looking to take their slice from Sterling, I have little faith other than they will just cut, run and leave folk like me with next to nothing. Just look at their "austerity" actions via the DWP with the disabled, sick, dying and ask yourself if you really believe the "No they wouldn't do that, surely." which is currently coming onto your lips.

After all "Hwow Whood!" for folks like me to protest against UK Government incompetence, usury and failure.