Thursday, 17 July 2014

Better Together - for Whom (2)?

Child poverty is on an exponential rise across the UK and the Tories' favourite think tank comes up with this.

Meanwhile, according to Rowntree Foundation research, a further 80,000 children will be reduced to poverty by the current misguided Welfare Reform Act, in Scotland alone, by 2017.

Sadly the Daily Mail Tories are so besotted with the idea of the 'great unwashed' they do not understand what is actually happening. Folk who previously struggled but 'got by', with two adults working shifts around child care, are the ones who are now having to be supported by foodbanks, even though they are still working, so they can feed themselves and their families.

The reason being they are decent people who do not want to be on 'benefits', benefits forced on them by the slave wages of Tory policy and the Government making their pay up to a living wage by said benefits, they would prefer to have a proper wage so they can pay their own way and not be reliant on benefits in the first place. 

Yet they face a Tory Government which is now cutting said benefits to make the UK 'more competitive' in its rush to implement even dafter right wing policies than the US Republican Party, it seeks to ape at every turn.

The reality is it is not the so called 'benefit junkies' who are the problem but successive UK Government's subsidising low wages so their pals in the corporates can make big profits (on which they have currently failed to pay £22 billion in taxes) at everyone else expense who then chuck the UK politicians a £50,000 directorship here or £100,000 party donation there to keep them sweet.

Here's another way of looking at things: 

Currently the UK Taxpayer subsidises UK Corporates to the tune of the UK Welfare costs + Tax avoidance schemes (British Virgin Island's Offshore accounts, etcetera) + the £22 billion in unpaid tax in 2012-13 alone.

The question we need to ask the Westminster apologists in the London media and in the Better Together - No Thanks campaign; just who are the biggest leeches on the UK Taxpayer?

The poorest in the UK or the richest?

In 2015 we have a stark choice, on a 'No' vote in Scotland, to have the Welfare State and NHS dismembered by Cameron or by Milliband - a Hobson's choice which will be made on Scotland's behalf by a small percentage of the English electorate in the Midland and Southern England 'swing seats'.

Better Together for whom?

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  1. Peter,you should know that there is no such thing as society,at least in England since that woman was elected to power.
    If we vote No,that will also be the case in Scotland and any ideas about common weal will be extinguished.
    In the eyes of the Darlings of this world will make us better together since we will have agreed with all they are about to do to us.
    Thanks Peter.