Thursday, 3 July 2014

If you love your country.

Cameron is making yet another 'big speech' today to save the Union, today's appeal is to the 'silent majority' of Scots he believes wants to vote 'NO'. The problem for Cameron is the 'silent majority' are being heard and the message that is growing, day on day, is the Union is toast ...

Ignore YouGov ... it is the canvassing figures that demonstrate what is happening and they are showing a 'No vote' collapse. Dave's good pal, Mr Kellner, at Yougov has had to run a spoiler to try and explain away why YouGov polls on the Scottish referendum are way out of kilter with the rest.

We do know what a 'Yes means' - and end to English Conservative hegemony (from either Labour Whigs or the Tories at Westminster) and its rush to pursue US Republican neo-cons to the bottom.

The English electorate may not know what a 'Yes vote' means but that has a lot to do with the English Establishment not wanting them to know how diminished the rUK will become in the world, how iffy Sterling as a reserve currency will be without a currency union and how screwed the rUK fiscal position will be even if Scotland takes, as it has offered, its share of the current UK debt.

Articles like this in the Independent are more about keeping the English electorate ignorant rather than trying to sway the case for a failed 'No Campaign' in Scotland.

As Scots realise what 'Yes' actually means, more move towards voting 'Yes'. Cameron would like to make this debate about Salmond and the SNP but the 'Yes Campaign' is far, far bigger than that.

This reality remains the biggest failure for the London based media, the BBC and their Westminster hegemony propaganda line to grasp or even understand.

A Yes information meeting can see a communist, socialist, social democrat and Tory all saying the same thing and agreeing the only way to make Scotland a fairer place for its citizens is to end the Union - they may disagree on the 'how' but they agree on the 'why'.

Compare this to the No Campaign where Labour, the Libdems and the Tories can not agree on anything except their Scottish members gravy train at Westminster is heading for the buffers and that can not be allowed to happen.

The editorial in the Gulf Times today describes Cameron, to all intents and purposes as a 'dead man walking' as he is likely to lose in September. The Editor sees this loss as a dystopian nightmare for Cameron as rUK loses its place in the UN, isolated over Europe, loses its USA 'bestest EU buddy' ticket and sees increasing pressure from within for greater devolution to the English regions and decentralisation of power from Westminster. If the rUK votes to leave the EU the editor suggests Wales and Northern Ireland will not remain part for long, the descent of England back to being a small country on the outer edge of Europe will then be complete - much as the Chinese have recently suggested.

Yes campaigners are aware the dirty campaign by the Westminster Establishment has begun but so far it has mostly been a series of own goals because, simply put, none of the three parties behind the No campaign can agree the price of an orange let alone any practical, nailed down policies to meet the needs and expectations of the Scottish electorate for greater autonomy.

Mr Cameron - the silent majority in Scotland are speaking and the message increasingly to you and the rest of the No Thanks campaign is a redownding,

"Git tae Freuchie, ye numpty!


  1. I used to live in Freuchie. My ex still does in my house and my married second daughter has just bought a house there.

    On their behalf, even my ex in my house, protest and do not want that wanker anyway near there.

  2. Git tae Balingry disnae wirk, Kircaddy disnae dae it ither as fir Auchtermuchty? Awa bile yer heid min .... it jist his tae be 'Git tae Freuchie', always wis, always will be ....

  3. Get tae Freuchie an eat mice is the whole phrase.

    Do you know the origin?

  4. To be honest - No ... its just always been a phrase in our family

  5. Freuchie was once used by the Royal family as a place of banishment from the Court when it was in nearby Falkland Palace. The Scots saying "awa tae Freuchie an eat mice" was thought to come from this time. Another aphoristic usage occurs in the phrase "as Scots as Freuchie"