Sunday, 27 July 2014

Darling? Nob End or Dickhead?

After my burst of creativity in the early part of last week a combination of the sun (a stranger to Scotland), golf and just being so completely flabbergasted at the duplicity of Westminster and the US over the genocide in Gaza and their siding with a Zionist State which increasing resembles the state that nearly wiped out European Jewry between 1936 and 1945 silenced me. I found I had nothing to say which would not have contained 'F'in Bastards or total *^!ts' every second word or so. Even Buddhists seeking the path of 'peace and enlightenment' get just a little bit mad when the BBC, the London media and the world establishment in general are trying to persuade you that a 25Kg warhead fired by Hamas + the death of ten Israeli soldiers = 10 x 1000 Kg Israeli free fall DIME bombs + 100 x 155mm high explosive / phosphorous shells justifies the 100+ dead children in Gaza ( then there is the small number of maimed children before we even count the innocent adults killed or maimed by Israel)?

So silence has reigned as unlike the numpty on the car insurance advert I had no special pal at Aviva or anywhere else to aid my return to tranquility and inner calm. The No Campaign's petty politicking over the Red Arrow's plume trail caused me not a stir, the Glasgow City Tammany Hall Orange Order outing to Ibrox did not register, Darling's attempt to turn Wee Eck's speech at the opening ceremony into a major political stushy passed me by but this morning my inner peace did not simply tremble, nor did it contain itself in a meditative silence but was ripped apart as if struck by a 105mm IDF tank shell.

What caused this eruction, this tearing of the fabric of my inner peace? 

Today's Herald carries yet anther re-hash of the 'Iron Curtain will descend on Scotland's borders if we vote Yes in September' load of old bull  from that 'Weapon the Moronic Darling'. Yes folk's, today's number plucked from the air is a cost of £8 billion a year. Now there is no point asking how this back of a fag packet number was actually arrived at but we can guess that the WMD's suppliers of crass misinformation at the OBR thought along the lines of  'Just how big do we need to make this number to make it sound scarey? £8 billion sounds about right so let's fix the data to make it look a realistic figure.'

There are the odd holes in this argument (OK the argument has more holes than a Gruyere Cheese and stinks to high heaven) but amongst the more obvious ones are:
  1. The cost of the running and building the 'Border' will be borne by the rUK Government and it will be a damned site more than £8 billion
  2. The cost to rUK trade with Scotland will hit the SME's in England hardest, the very businesses they need to grow pretty quickly to prevent the upcoming melt down in the world's fiscal markets bankrupting rUK
  3. Both countries will be in the EU (at least until 2020) and have to allow the free flow of EU trade and EU citizens across their borders 
You have to ask just what sort of shit is WMD on, it must be cut with 90% Vim ...


  1. Well said sir I'm in total agreement with all you have said. I think even my hypertension meds have found it hard going this week. So it's back to border controls eh, crivens ma jings the only thing that keeps me going is knowing they will all get their comeuppance sooner rather than later. I just hope I'm still around to gloat.

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  3. Wouldn't they have to get co-operation from the English border councils?
    These councils have expressed a desire to do more business with Scotland and have been in discussions with the Scottish government to that effect.
    They will not tolerate a remote London government putting barriers between them and increased economic opportunities..
    Perhaps the border should be constructed much further south?

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  5. A very and angering story on WoS about a dead former soldier and his sanctioning by IDS's blackshirts.

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  7. It will be a great deal harder to leave the EU than it is to join it. I think 2020 is being way over ambitious. Greenland took 3 years? How much more intricate and prolonged would negotiations be for a Nation like the shrunken rUK?