Monday, 21 July 2014

I'll not be British!

Geographically the term for the archipelago of islands on the edge of Europe is the British Isles.

The archipelago is split into four main national / ethnic groupings, Irish, Scots, Welsh and English.

Unless Mr Salmond is going to tow Scotland somewhere else, on a Yes vote, or Cameron is going to shift England across the Mid Atlantic trench to become what it increasingly is, a US Federal State in all but name; the British Isles will still be here, only the politics will have changed, and folk will still be able to call themselves 'British' if they so wish, signifying they come from these islands.

Now if the Ms Bunting is having problems with her English identity and how this identity is reflected in the world's eyes; this is her own problem and one that will not be resolved by the Scots staying or going. To be honest given the ever more rancid, rabid, anti-social, right wing, racist, isolationist politics now at large in England, I too would feel uncomfortable admitting I am English outside of England and would much prefer to describe myself as 'British'.

Yet without Scotland the world will become completely convinced, if it is not yet, the British = English. Anyway calling yourself British, in this situation, is in fact a cop out to pretend you are not part of an English Electorate which is responsible for voting Cameron into power in 2010 or Thatcher in 1979 which is at the core of why an ever increasing number of Scots are leaning towards a Yes vote.

Time for folk like Ms Bunting to admit to being English because only then will they begin to take responsibility for their part in the shit heap the UK has become.

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  1. My guess is the only people who describe themselves as British are English liberals and Ulster Unionists, everyone else is tired of the concept.

    Another interesting post Mr Thomson.