Monday, 14 July 2014

Enough is Enough

I have just watched what can only be called an offense against humanity.

I was persuaded to view footage of an Israeli drone attack of a funeral cortege, in Gaza, in the light of yesterday's post. The footage is clear evidence of Israel's breech of the Geneva Convention as it is a deliberate attack on unarmed civilians. The images took me back instantly to 1982, Bluff Cove, yet it is not the same.

The Welsh Guards knew the risks, that they were let down by incompetent leadership is annoying, a leadership which deployed unfit troops into a combat zone under an Guards officer so far up his backside the lump in his throat was his nose, a leader who refused to listen to an expert Royal Marine landing officer's advice and instruction, who had to do it 'by the book' as he was a Guards Officer and superior to all around him. Still the Welsh Guard's knew the risk.  Something the men women and children in the funeral cortege in Gaza most certainly had not signed up for as they mourned other civilians already killed by the misnamed Israeli Defence Force. Yet we will still hear platitudes spewed out by Cameron, Blair, Obama and other apologists for the Zionist regime in Jerusalem trying to convince us that the Palestinians in Gaza have brought this on themselves.

The only people who are profiting from the strife across the Middle East are the weapons suppliers, everyone else is taking a major loss, local economies are being destroyed, cultural icons blown up, dead children are strewn like chaff in the trail of the green eyed monster of power and domination for the few over the many.

People in the UK are asking just why are young 'British' Muslims volunteering to fight for Hamas, or ISIS or what ever Islamic Jihad is their choice. I know; and it is not radicalisation by lunatic Imans either.

Having watched live feeds coming out of Gaza, if I was 20 years younger, in my late 30's, I would be seeking to take my expertise into Gaza to help the damaged and wounded because the UK Government is just so wrong in trying to justify what is turning into genocide, in Gaza Strip, by the Zionist Government of Israel. It is the only way I could register my protest in a system of plutocratic UK Government which has long since ceased to listen to its UK Electorate and the UK Government's tame media which fails at every turn to reflect the real opposition in the UK and Europe to Israel's actions in Gaza.

Sometimes you just have to say - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 

If no one is listening to you then all that is left is direct action and that is why young British Muslims are joining Jihad.

It is the same reason as why the Better Together - No Thanks campaign is losing ground in Scotland, their British Establishment backers are just not listening to the Scots democratic needs and expectations for the 21st Century, so more and more Scots are taking direct action to create change peaceably.  The difference is we Scots for 'Yes' have created a situation where we can make this happen democratically, something Muslims in Iraq, Syria and Gaza do not have as an option.

Yet a quick check of most Yes Campaign threads reveals the anger against the ignorance and arrogance of the British Establishment is bubbling away quite close to the surface. The real concern on a 'No vote', especially one for which the result appears contrived and includes the removal of powers from Holyrood, must be just what will keep those angry people in check? As in 1919 will we once more see English regiments on the streets of Glasgow?

When all else fails and they feel they are not being heard, human's resort to violence - it is our default function - and that brings me back to Bluff Cove in 1982.

War is just politics by other means.

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  1. I agree with your opinion and viewpoint, while I had to think long and hard over what to say, then I just decide to let the words come out...easier that way...not really thought but feeling. While for years there has been support for Israel, surrounded and beset by enemies on all sides, one tends to think about the injustice done by the Nazis, the Russians and focus on that. However with two wrongs never making a right, the opinion of a dear friend of my Mothers, from the War ( 39/45, the only one I think of in that sense,apart from the Great War) was that Israel was the first real terrorist, because as a member of the Parachute regiments forerunner, a part of D-Days 6th Airlanding Brigade, he was deployed to Palestine as a policing action in 46/47 or thereabouts. He witnessed attacks on Palestinians then, was subjected to attacks by Jewish men, in British uniforms, where they fired on him and his men. To the end of his life he never forgave them, he thought of his comrades lying in Ranville and other French and Belgian Cemeteries and often questioned what they gave their lives for, when he thought part of that was saving the Jews from the Holocaust among other things. But that is history, there is always political manipulation and expediency even though those that suffer are always at the bottom of the ladder, whether soldier or civilian. I hope and pray that we get a YES vote, because even my Mum agrees, having seen the effect of the War, at first hand, that firstly the wish for Independence will never die, and denial of that right through manipulation of diplomatic process will only make the bitterness worse.
    Respect to you Peter, and your comrades, past, present and future, always.