Sunday, 20 July 2014

Zionists - what is the point of them?

You remember the Sudetenland?

What is the difference between that expansion and Zionist Israel's continual move onto Palestinian lands guaranteed to the Palestinians by UN mandate?

You remember the SS assault and the Warsaw Ghetto Resistance in 1943?

What is the difference between the SS and what Zionists are doing in the Gaza Strip in 2014?

Zionists use the Holocaust for their own political ends and have failed to learn anything from the experience except how to hate and justify the Zionist version of lebenstraum. The irony is Zionists have become exactly like hated system which almost wiped out European Jewry between 1936 and 1945 - they simply refuse to acknowledge this.

Just how can this be called Anti-Semitic?

Anti-Zionist most certainly but that also reflects the view of many of the Jewish faith across Europe, as seen their support for the pro-Palestinian protests across Europe.

Yet the London based media are still giving column inches to Zionist apologists who still try to tell us, in as many words, it does not matter how many Palestinians die, it is the Palestinians own fault, such as this in the Guardian.

Words simply fail me.


  1. I had a great deal of sympathy for Israelis when they were being threatened by surrounding Arab states but when they started their land grab of Palestinian territory and the subsequent brutal suppression of those people,that has completely gone.
    Your comments are completely apt Peter,thanks.

  2. I despise violence in any shape or form,especially when children are involved but I have come to the conclusion that until the Israelis start to suffer major casualties,there is no prospect for peace in that part of the world.
    As long as the pain and suffering is mainly on the Palestinian side,they are happy for their governments to pursue a military solution (as usual,there isn't one).
    If they had an opponent who was armed to the same extent,a solution would have been found a long time ago.
    We can thank the leaders of the "free" world for this situation.