Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Better Together - for whom?

To a friend who is a Better Together supporter:

Dear ......

Maybe you can make a positive case for the Union because the Better Together - No thanks Campaign has failed miserably to do so.

So far it appears we are Better Together so Cameron can afford his new nuclear toy but for this massive reason for being Better Together to happen the NHS has to be sold off to USA medical companies and Scotland gets to store enough nuclear warheads to reduce it to an ash pit because the weapons and their missiles are too dangerous to be stored anywhere else.

Other great advantages after the privatisation of the NHS are an exponential increase in poverty in Scotland, greater inequality and having the Central Belt fracked to blazes - on the downside is the plutocratic nature of Westminster, the corruption of Westminster politics by oligarchs and a UK fiscal policy that sucks the life out of the rest of the UK to keep the lights on in London .... there is also the small problem of an unaccountable executive and a democratic deficit created by a two party system where both parties run the same policies right down to their policies on NHS privatisation and the Bedroom Tax.

Not even the BBC's Robert Peston could get anyone to say that an independent Scotland's economy would be significantly different in that it generates year on year around an 8.7% surplus on its turn over ( or GDP) for the UK Treasury. It appears the top 100 companies in Scotland's stock returns are unlikely to be effected either according to research by the LSE as their yields are likely to stay much as they are.

So there is no economic argument, the EU entry will be straight forward as there is no system for removing EU citizenship from the Scots as Mr Junker has made clear.

The biggest advantage for an independent Scotland is simply instead of only seeing £30 billion in Scotland of the claimed £60 billion Scotland gets as a 'hand out' we will get to have the whole £60 billion plus a lot more besides to use as we direct the Scottish Parliament to do so. The saving on our current UK deduction for 'defence' is in the region of £1.2 billion, we save another £500 million not sending politicians to Westminster (remember Holyrood is currently funded out of the £30 billion that actually reaches Scotland) and then there are the deductions we would not have made for HMRC, the Foreign Office, UK Treasury, the £6 billion that sits in the Bank of England to guarantee the current Scottish pound ....

That leaves the only question to ask which is do you actually think Scotland will be better under either Cameron or Miliband because a No vote is effect a vote for more of your tax payer's money to be deflected into the back pockets of Cameron's and Milliband's backers who currently UK taxpayer's are subsidising to the tune of £22 billion in unpaid taxes.

Better Together - for whom?

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