Monday, 7 July 2014

He’s solid, reassuring, a bit dull – and Scottish .....

This is how his Libdem Allies describe Darling :

"He’s solid, reassuring, a bit dull – and Scottish.."

Let us be very clear, this particular Independent article is for consumption within the M25 Orbital, the main pretense is that Labour remains in control in Scotland and Darling is respected in his own land.

The second pretense is that the vote on September 18th is about Alex Salmond - oh no it is not, the Scottish electorate know it is something far more important than Alex Salmond or the SNP, the referendum is about the sort of Scotland we want to have and leave for future generations.

The choice we have is more of Westminster's crap, self interested politicians, corruption, protectors of peadophiles, subsidisers of the already rich, destroyers of the UK's economy, 'sellers off' of the NHS, killers of the old, poor and disabled via their 'Welfare Reform Act' or take opportunity to break this failed and undemocratic Union of the super rich and step out as an independent Scottish Nation once more, a nation which puts its people before politicians greed for being a player on the 'world stage', a nation which does not believe nuclear weapons are any solution to the world's problems, a nation to whom the ideas of compassion and empathy for its poor, disabled and sick are not simply sound bites to get re-elected in May 2015.

A Yes vote is the opportunity to create the antithesis of the British State and its corrupt and venal establishment for whom the laws of the land do not operate, laws are only for the 'little people'.

Darling says it is all about the 'economics' and misses the point they have already destroyed their own campaign as economic lie after lie has been exposed from BAE Scotstoun to pensions, not by Salmond or the SNP, but by ordinary people, in Scotland, doing the research and sums for themselves, talking to others about what they have discovered, backing their discoveries with independent findings from Nobel laureates and academic experts or even the CEO of BAE Systems while all the time journalists in the Local London papers, like the Independent, Guardian or Telegraph pump out tosh like this.

The question is just who is this anodyne rubbish actually for?

Who is the British Establishment - of which Darling is in with the bricks - trying to fool?

Let us be very clear it is not the Scottish electorate because no matter how much Kellner of YouGov tries to spin it, the momentum is with the 'Yes campaign' simply because the 'Yes campaign' is not Salmond or the SNP it is the ordinary people on the ground, running information meetings, knocking on doors, speaking to folk they have never met, canvasing when they have never canvassed before, spending Saturdays rain and shine manning information centres in towns and cities across Scotland, exercising the basic tenet of Scots Law and Constitutional practice that the considered will of the people of Scotland is paramount because the people are sovereign, making sure the people of Scotland have all the facts, not just the 'No Thanks' spin.

This and articles like this, have one role and one role alone - to keep the electorate of England ignorant and angry so the political and economic impact of a Yes vote, on what will become the rUK, can be blamed on the Scots when it will all be down to Westminster's denial and dithering while they try to convince themselves the end of the UK Union is just not happening.

Darling is at the apogee of the denial and dithering of Westminster, a man that cried out for a debate with Salmond 'anywhere and anytime' but when one was offered ran away and hid. An action which the local London paper's claimed was due to 'cybernat bullying' rather than the reality Darling has no real argument for continuing the Union or he would have leaped at the chance. The problem with the 'cybernat bullying story' is it lies in the minds of 'Better Together - No Thanks', swallowed hook line and sinker by the London media, for which they have little or no evidence to support their claims. It appears the J K Rowling attack was traced back to MI6 and had nothing to do with 'cyber' or any other sort of 'nats'.

Instead we have seen a re-hash in this and other local London papers of lies and nonsense long discredited - even the BBC has grudgingly admitted that according to EU experts Scotland's EU entry will be rapid after a Yes vote.

A right wing think tank has laughed out Danny Alexander's claim about oil and gas off Scotland by saying the latest UK Treasury figures are light by over £8 billion a year at current production levels.

This is a long post, I make no apology for that, but reader's in England are being taken for idiots by articles like this one. Darling is only fooling himself with his claims and fails to address the core issue, the failure of Westminster to address Scotland's wish for a new UK Union fit for purpose in the 21st Century, one with wide spread autonomy and the reduction of Westminster's increasing centralisation of power. This failure to address the wish for greater autonomy and a new UK Union is what is at the heart of the increasing support in Scotland for a 'Yes Vote'.

"Better Together - No Thanks" have summed up their own campaign in their chosen slogans 'Better Together' and 'No Thanks'.


  1. Is there any way of observing that having a picture of Craig and Charlie Reid of the Proclaimers next to Bowie and SuBo is a wee bit cheeky, since they are very much for YES!

  2. The fact that Better Together have to pay people to deliver their leaflets while the yes campaign have legions of volunteers to deliver theirs speaks volumes...