Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Westminster - Paddle? Shit Creek?

A pretty pass when  Norman Tebbit admits there may have been a cover up of a high ranking peadophile ring within the British Establishment and explains it away with a 'Hot Fuzz' style claim of the 'greater good'.

It turns out the suspected high ranking ring was first reported to Leon Brittan when he was Home Secretary and I was a Surgeon Lieutenant on my way to the Falklands to tidy up Carrington and John Knott's faux pas of not listening to what they were being told about Argentine intentions over the Malvinas by saving those I could and burying those I could not.

Mr Brittan was handed a detailed portfolio of evidence which apparently the Home Office disregarded because they thought the MP, Mr Dickens, was a bit of a 'nutter' and of course had little to do with the fact that Sir Robert McAlpine's - the Tory Treasurer and donor - brother was on the list of suspected high ranking peadophiles.

The cover up is already starting. In today's Independent there is an article running which reaffirms Dickens as being a bit of a nutter, a political David Icke, pestering Ministers with bizarre suggestions and claims, being a bit of grit in the Party and Government machine, a loose canon - if you will. The article also seeks to smooth things over, there is nothing for the UK Electorate to see, leave Butler-Schloss to carry out her investigation, you will see there is no substance in these claims of a high level cover up of a British Establishment peadophile ring and, anyway, it was such a long time ago, memories are not what they were.

The problem remains that Brittan, as Home Secretary, received Dicken's dossier, some work must have been undertaken or there would not have been in excess of 114 documents for the Home Office to misplace, shred, mistakenly destroy in relation to Dicken's claim. Claims are circulating of Tory whips warning off other Tory MP's from following Dickens line of questioning and inquiry on the British Establishment peadophile ring. Retired police officers from the Met are now saying their attempts to investigate Dicken's claims were brought to an abrupt halt on the orders of Senior officers in the Met.

Brittan is currently under police caution after an allegation has been made about his own sexual proclivities at the time with young, female office staff. Hague's investigation into the North Wales Orphanage molestation claims is now looking to have been part of the cover up, deflected by the media latching on to the wrong McAlpine brother by accident or possibly part of the cover plan.

The serious claim, which is now bubbling up, is the involvement of a member of the Royal Family in this high powered ring. If this is in the slightest bit true it means the 'Crown' in the person of the Privy Council will have known about the allegations and the cover up. Let us be clear Liz, personally, may have never been allowed to know about the allegations, after all, if the cover up was successful, she would not have needed to know.

So the British Establishment has to close ranks, with out appearing to close ranks, as there is a potential constitutional crisis if the 'Royal' connection is revealed as being real. All this is boiling up on Cameron's watch which already has a number of damaging issues pressing in on HM Government with the failed Welfare Reform Act, the EU exit referendum, the failure of Osbourne's austerity program, a £1.7 trillion and increasing UK debt and the one they want to pretend is not happening; the Scottish exit from the UK Union.

The UK's economic situation with out Scotland is not that smart, manufacturing output in England is down 1.3% this quarter, the reality is outside the M25 Orbital the English economy is still bumping along the bottom and remains heavily reliant on the City of London.

All in all we have a British Establishment vulnerable from many angles and in serious trouble if this Westminster Peadophile Ring wakes up and unites the English electorate rather than the way current UK media manipulation is successfully keeping the English electorate divided and at each others throats.

In October, with all these problems mounting one on top of the other, the British Establishment may have to face an ever more angry English electorate as all the bluster and promises about what an independent Scotland can not have or would not be able to do melt away 'like snaw aff a dyke.

Then there is the likely requirement in October, on a Yes vote, of elections to the new rUK Parliament to give it a legal and constitutional basis to under take negotiations on the ending of the Union Treaty.

The next few weeks on the peadophile inquest claim, as much else in Westminster, will be long on promises and short on action in the hopes this will simply disappear over the summer simply because the British Establishment and Cameron know if this allegation becomes fact they and the UK as currently run is screwed.

It does not take a genius to realise this will mean ever more obtuse, vilifying and scurrilous claims against the Yes Campaign and the idea of Scottish Independence, in the usual media sources, targeted mainly at the English Electorate as ever more ridiculous 'Look a Squirrel!' stories are fed to the English public in the hopes their attention span can be moved into Goldfish mode.

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