Saturday, 23 April 2011

BBC Scotland - Labour's propaganda arm

To The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty
in Council.

THE HUMBLE PETITION OF:  person’s who are from Sovereign People of Scotland

SHEWETH as follows:-

1.    We are exercising our right to petition your majesty as stated in the Claim of Right 1698: “That it is the right of the subjects to petition the King and that all Imprisonments and prosecutiones for such petitioning are Contrary to law” 
2.     The reason for this petition is that we believe the rights, freedoms, liberties and laws of the sovereign people of Scotland are now under direct threat by the failure of the British Broadcasting Corporation to uphold their royal charter requirement to be a balanced source in its reporting of political matters within the ‘United Kingdom’.
3.     That the corporation, through the acts of its agents in Scotland, are subverting freedom of speech and by seeking to hold undue influence over the outcome of the Holyrood Election due in May 2011 by favouring one political position over others are attacking and abusing those rights, freedoms, liberties and privileges that the sovereign people of Scotland hold dear.
4.    That the BBC in Scotland is further in breech of its Royal Charter as during an election period the BBC is not allowed to commission voting intention polls.  However the BBC released a voting intention poll on the 10th April was commissioned from pollsters ICM within the election period.
5.    That on numerous other occasions in the last year the BBC in Scotland have exceeded the Charter requirements to prevent views that do not support their particular political position from appearing in programs and other media under their control
6.    The BBC in Scotland abused their position as a public broadcaster to hound a Minster of the Scottish Government from Office for the political gain of other parties

YOUR PETITIONERS therefore most humbly pray that Your Majesty will seek advice and take action to stop this grievous assault on the sovereign people of Scotland’s rights, freedoms, laws and privileges by calling in your Royal Charter to the British Broadcasting Corporation until such times as it restores a proper balance in its organisation in Scotland or such other terms as may to Your Majesty seem proper.

AND YOUR PETITIONERS will ever pray etc.

THE SIGNATURES OF THE sovereign people of Scotland were
made hereunto this… day of… Two Thousand and Eleven.

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