Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Queens Keech....

I can not be the only person who bothered to actually read the 'Queen's Keech' to Westminster, yesterday, and was left with the strong impression of how empty and meaningless most it was and how it held up a mirror and clearly reflected back the politics of Westminster.

The only sensible comment came from the veteran republican, Dennis Skinner, "Jubilee year, double dip recession, what a start." In turn this brought forth the usual platitudinous anger from the 'serious' politicians who were happy to ignore threats of physical violence to minority MP's, sexism from Cameron, continuing fraudulent expense claims by MPs and lies from any Minister of the current and past governments you care to mention.

According to Cameron this 'Queen's Keech' was about the Tory vision to rebuild 'Britain' - while continuing to fundamentally ignore the core problems that are breaking up the current parliamentary union.

How is this going to 'rebuild Britain' when there is no acceptance or recognition that both the Scots and Welsh are moving further and further away from 'Cameron's vision of Britain' and increasingly looking to break away?
The 'Big Society' is a smoke screen to hide neo-liberal privatisation of public services in England and cuts to the NHS and Welfare by the back door.

If Cameron was serious about 'rebuilding Britain' he would be talking about a bill to bring forward an English Parliament (including the House of Lards) and a restructuring of the UK Parliament to a confederal status or even a Council of the British Isles and including Eire.

That no one in Labour or the Tories in Westminster is addressing this fundamental democratic deficit in England suggests for all Cameron and Milliband's 'puff and blaw' they accept the SNP have won the independence referendum before it happens and are already scrapping over the remaining carcase of what will be left.

Is that now how the two main Westminster parties now see England - as dead meat to be squabbled over?

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  1. They just sound and act like barrow boys, chancers all.