Friday, 14 September 2012

Ane Blast agin the monstrous regiment o' religious nutters

Religion is based on the unsubstantiative belief that super natural agencies (god or gods) exist. To justify their existence as being 'real', religions create a set of stories and rules to justify the power of these supernatural agencies. Many of which are claimed to be 'true' but have little actual objective evidence to support them.

Ultimately all religions are a construct of which ever power group takes control and enforces their particular view of what their religion is and routinely, violently oppresses any contrary view point to this 'orthodox opinion'. At some point in this process the influence of the 'supernatural being' is transmuted into what the dominant human beings say is the 'supernatural beings' view point while routinely ignoring key policies claimed to be set by the 'supernatural being' in the first place on some form of 'pick and mix' basis.

The Christian's paradox is the command in their new covenant from the Judeo-Christian supernatural power to 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' A supernatural command they still do not have the hang off after 2000 years as they continue to murder and denigrate other Christians and human beings because, in essence, they do not believe in the right way or, worse, point out the major flaws / dichotomies in their religion's application of its supernatural beings commands. Some of the appointed leaders actions appear strange in religions where money is shunned as the root of all evil yet so many of the 'priests and preachers' have managed to get a hold of a lot for themselves - its a miracle! (For Christian put in any other religion you wish and the paragraph still works).

If I was a supernatural being I would have given up on this bunch of all time loosers a long time ago as they prefer to nail folk to trees, burn them at the stake, stone them to death, car bomb them to bits rather than simply try to get along with each other as they continue to violently demonstrate which of them is 'right' about what the 'supernatural being' says actually means.

Politics is not that much different from religion when you think about it - even down to calling on the supernatural being of choice to protect the politicians while they are carrying out the supernatural beings work for them - cue Mitt Romney, Tony Blair, Bin Laden ........

Ultimately it is about personal wealth and power not the good of their communities.

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