Thursday, 13 December 2012

Crystal Balls ....

Let's look into our crystal ball and imagine Scotland votes 'yes' in 2014:

1. The Scottish Government will then move a bill in the Scottish Parliament, based on the considered will of the Scottish people, to withdraw from the 1707 Treaty of Union on a given date - expected to be Autumn 2016 - only then is the Union ended

2. As Westminster's UK legal and constitutional powers only have force within the Treaty of Union, with the date set for the cessation of the 1707 Treaty of Union the English Parliament will have to be reconvened to negotiate the agreement over the shares of assets, credits and debits between Scotland and England as the UK Westminster Parliament has no legal or constitutional power in relations to changes, ammendments or alterations to the 1707 Treaty of Union (Lord Cooper, 1953, McCormack vs the Lord Advocate)

3. In effect if Scotland votes 'yes' in 2014, the 2015 elections become the first elections to the reconvened English Parliament, an end of Scottish MP's at Westminster and closure of the Scottish Office. West Lothian question permanently sorted.

4. The 2012 Edinburgh Agreement commits both the Scottish and English Governments to complete the process of closure of the UK Parliament, settlement and disbursements to either country by Autumn 2016.

5. Once the Acts of both sovereign parliaments agreeing to the conditions of Scotland's withdrawal from the Treaty of Union are brought into law, formally ending the Union, only then does the EU and its posturing become an issue.

6. Because Scotland is a representative democracy where the people, not the crown or parliament, are sovereign any decision to join / continue membership of the EU will have to be put to a plebiscite because it effects the people's sovereignty. Here Mr Breslin is right. The more the political wonks and their assorted media chums from the London bubble try to make EU membership an 'issue', the more the EU Barrosso's act shiftily dancing like the 'Walrus and the Carpenter' the more likely are the Scots to turn to the EU and say, thanks but no thanks. We have just left a Union which was failing us economically and politically so why would we wish to join an EU with the same inherent faults as the Union we have just got out of?

Simples ...... 

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