Monday, 20 January 2014

Beaker explains the USEW(NI) EU rebate for Gideots.

If I have three United States of England and Wales (with NI on the side) carrots in my hand but give four to the EU and get the fourth one back again (which I never actually handed over in the first place) then I have a rebate of one carrot where as an independent Scotland will have to give the EU all of its three carrots and gets no rebate ....

This here's the tricky bit for Scots to understand:

An independent Scotland will contribute to the USEW(NI) fourth carrot (the one we never actually gave to the EU but got back) and therefore be worse off by at least a carrot shaw. That is how Scotland will be subsidising the USEW(NI) ...

I hope that is cleared up why independence is such a silly idea and Scotland just should not do it, its not worth it for the penalty of a carrot shaw.


Beaker ...

(This is a translation of what Beaker actually said, when lecturing with Dr Vague on Thursday, which was mostly;  "Me,me,me,me.....")

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