Sunday, 30 March 2014

Least Worst Prospect?

 "William Bain is certainly not a man anyone could accuse of complacency. The Labour MP for Lambhill in Glasgow knows estates like these are where many of the missing million live. Three times a week he knocks on doors to tell them why they should vote no. He says he's eschewing the big meetings and debates because, "You can do a debate and maybe get 20 or 30 people; a few hours of this and you'll have spoken to treble that amount"Observer 30/03/14

There is a very simple reason why the likes of Willie Bain of Better Together (or is it United with Labour - you can never tell with Willie) will not take to a platform and debate the issues in public, before audiences of 100+ these debates have been attracting, is simply because every time Better Together have, the before and after votes at these debates have seen a massive jump to 'Yes'.

The most recent big hitter on the Better Together side - The Secretary of State for Scotland, Mr Carmichael - to publicly debate the issues saw 'Yes support' move from 58 to 75 in an audience of 140 people at the debate in his own constituency in Shetland.

Think about it: the Secretary of State for Scotland could not convince the electorate who put him into Westminster of the case against ending the Treaty of Union in September 2014.

One of the Better Together ' Senior Staff' is on record of saying - on the issue of their support for Better Together - it pays the mortgage.

The only thing that unites the troika in Better Together is their hatred for Alex Salmond and the SNP - without that they would be at each others throats in a flash. A situation we will see over the next few months as Better Together rapidly turns into a 'train crash'. The knives are out for Darling. Carmichael is quietly pushing Gordon Brown and his 'clunking fist' to replace him as leader of Better Together. Carmichael just does not understand the extent the Scots now despise Brown nor the open civil war this move would trigger in Labour's Scottish region. 

I do not think Jim Murphy would take kindly to his mortal enemy in Labour Party power games, let alone Murphy's fiefdom of Labour's Scottish region, being allowed to 'rule the roost' as 'big boss'. 'Big Boss' is Jim Murphy's role in Scotland (see Unite and the Battle of Falkirk), for him and his West Coast Blairite Labour Mafia - Darling was only just acceptable as a fence sitter in the Brown vs Blair war. The West Coasters would have preferred one of their own but Murphy avoids the firing line, he is a Chateau general, and his number two, Dougie* Alexander (Lab), is a light weight with a number of unpleasant skeletons in his closet. The largest skeleton being he is suspected of sticking the knife into his sister and ex First Minister, Wendy 'Big Brain' Alexander's back when she accepted Salmond's challenge, at Holyrood, to a referendum back in the early 2000's with her war cry of 'Bring it on'.

Better Together is lead by the least worst prospect, Mr Darling, and it shows.

*I was corrected, I got the wrong Alexander Brother .... but what is the difference?


  1. Dougie Alexander (Labour) not Danny Alexander (Beaker)

    An easy mistake to make right enough.

  2. I can never tell the difference .... is there any?

  3. Willie Bain has the honour of representing a constituency where 43% of children live in poverty. (51% in Springburn). So what does he see fit to do a few days after the Labour Party jamboree in Perth where they embraced socialism? He dutifully marched in through the government lobby to register his support for Cameron's government's cap on benefits spending. He is a Labour MP.