Monday, 14 September 2015

Corbyn, "He's just this guy; you know ..."

Today in Labour Towers the person who thought it would be a "good laugh" to let Corbyn run is now bent over a desk and target of a Blairite and Brownite one legged man, arse kicking contest. The prats will be falling, the triangularists wondering why they have ended up with a dodecahedron and not a triangle and a whole load of snouts will now be looking around for a new trough to stuff their faces in.

The good old British Establishment's media are already pumping out, "The greatest Labour bampot since Micheal Foote!" stories about how Corbyn is going to bring all the nation's cats into public ownership and impoverish the Queen. The disparaging tales of just how loony left the man is run alongside interviews with a discarded pair of Corbyn's sandals (now working for a tramp in Hackney) ... "He's just this guy: you know....", the fact he is already selling all the UK's secrets to the Russians and is secretly anti-Semitic is a given.

This claim of 'antisemitism' against Corbyn is
apparently because Corbyn thinks Netanyahu is a neo-fascist, Zionist bampot who is in the process of ethnically cleansing all traces of the original Palestinian people from the State of Israel with the aid of an annual $3 billion worth of US Federal Government dollars to do so. All this dosh before you add in millions of dollars of 'donations' to the Likud Party and other Zionist Groups in the West Bank from right wing Zionist Groups in the USA to help promote Jewish 'ethnic purity' in Israel. In reality this means if you are not a right wing, Orthodox, Zionist you are not a real Jew and deserve to go the way of the Palestinians, as for followers of the Reformed faith or secular Jews in Israel, they are beyond redemption according to these nutters.

So the Corbyn as a 'Citizen Smith', red flag waving, proto-revolutionary threat to the British Establishment (and therefore the whole population of the UK)  is now in full hue and cry. Yet the propaganda is falling on jaded ears outside of the immediate London bubble of media lovies, simply because the propaganda being generated by the London bubble is neither coherent nor accurate, worse it does not fit what people think they know about Mr Corbyn, whose politics appear to have more in common with the great social reforming Liberal, William Beveridge, and his contemporaries of the first part of the 20th Century than a Hardie, Maxton, McLean or Karl Marx. Corbyn will not be seeking the ownership of all capital on behalf of the under nourished and suppressed masses of the UK  but it is hoped he will do something about preventing the destruction of the NHS in England and the UK Welfare State along with a side dish of re-nationalising key public services such as energy and transport, then ending the farce which is Trident.

There is much for the left of centre SNP membership to applaud in Corbyn's stated political position save one, he is an un-restructured Unionist who wishes to keep all political power in the UK, at Westminster. Labour is by inclination and history a centralising party. Just look at the continuing mess they are making with their 'Scotch Branch' for an example of the pretendy powers Labour thinks are more than adequate for Scotland. Kevin McKenna writing in the National hopes Corbyn will see sense and give the 'Scotch Branch' proper autonomy to do what is best in Scotland, even if it may not be the UK Party line. McKenna is clearly mixing Labour up with a party that gives a shit about Scotland and what Scots think. So 'Scotch Labour' will continue to be micro-managed by the party HQ team, told what to say and what to leak to the Daily Record, all in the pretence the Trinity Mirror group have not already been given the story by Labour Party HQ to print in that day's Record, "Plus sa change, plus sa meme chose."

Can Corbyn's Labour and the SNP work together for the greater good of the most vulnerable in the UK?

Most certainly.

Will Corbyn's Labour work with the SNP?

Not with out a lot of attitudinal changes amongst a large cadre of Labour MPs who follow the Bain Principle of 'SNP baaad'. I foresee combined Labour and SNP whipped votes on Welfare being scuppered by Blairites and Brownites abstaining or being somewhere else, as much to get at Corbyn as the SNP. Let us be clear the people who thought they would win, have not. The Blairite and Brownites lost in Scotland, are now losing their hold in England and Wales and will do what ever it takes to cling onto their self assumed privileges, even if it means destroying the Labour Party while blaming the event on anyone but themselves.

In summary, Corbyn's election is like the proverbial curate's egg - good in parts - whether Labour survives his election, time will only tell, but the knives are already out amongst the British Establishment and the protectors of New Labour's legacy.

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