Sunday, 11 October 2015

The British Establishment is circling its waggons.

I do not know if you have noticed how, since the end of the Tory Conference, editorials and content in the London Parish Pump Media are increasingly aimed at those upsetting the status quo, especially those who seek to point out just how corrupt, in all manner of ways, those who see themselves as the British arbiters of good taste, public leadership and behaviour actually are.

Today in the Observer we have Nick Cohen attacking Tom Watson MPs work in exposing the levels of child abuse perpetuated as recreation by elements of these folk who consider themselves the great and the good. The scabrous argument against Tom Watson seems to be based on the concept he can not say anything now he is deputy leader of Labour and was he just down right nasty exposing the likes of a Leon Brittain, Lord Janner and other Westminster MPs and Lords whose names he has handed across to Mr Plod. Apparently it is OK to give an 'oik' like a Saville, Gary Glitter or a Rolf Harris a kicking for 'kiddy fiddling' but not the blessed and sainted of the British Establishment.

Cohen takes the biscuit by stating there is no evidence that Leon Brittain was involved either in the abhorrent acts at Dolphin Square and the Palace of Westminster or its cover up. In fact Cohen seeks to claim Dolphin Square was just here say in his malodorous attempt at bringing Tom Watson down to size. Except for the problem of the 1994 Bryn Estyn Childrens Home Abuse inquiry report. This is a report a series of Home Secretaries have refused to publish in full and unredacted and was undertaken in the early 1990's when the initial attempt at a cover effected during Leon Brittain and Nicholas Fairbairn's tenure at the Home Office started coming to bits as a number of allegations of the routine use of children's homes across the UK to groom young boys and girls for sex and then supply them to people in the upper echelons of British Public life, came to light. These allegations were wide spread from children's homes in SW England via Wales, Yorkshire, Northern Ireland all the way to Scotland. These allegations all pointed to a well organised ring of providers protected by 'important people' who used their services. The investigations never looked at the links, just the actual allegations of abuse. It is the 1994 Bryn Estyn Report which time and time again states girls and boys were sent from North Wales to service parties at Dolphin Square and other addresses in London where the great and the good routinely attended. Some of the more acquiescent young people were also exported on from Dolphin Square to Amsterdam to supply 'parties' in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Two of the main providers to Dolphin Square 'parties' of young people were jailed for their own abuse of young people in late 2014 and yet they are both mentioned in the Bryn Estyn and Wiltshire abuse reports as 'known providers' of children as young as ten to gentlemen abusers. This aspect of their activities was never mentioned during either of their trials by the Crown Prosecution Service even though there is sworn evidence of both men having provided children to MPs on more than one occasion. One claimed his operation in Scotland was secure from any police interest due to the status of his clientele and he, like them, was 'untouchable'.

On the issue of Leon Brittain's role in the cover up. It was Norman Tebbitt in an interview in 2014 who stated the Thatcher Cabinet of the early 1980's knew of the cover up of paedophile activities by members of the Palace of Westminster and the British Establishment within the Home Office during Brittain and Fairbairn's tenure. He stated the cabinet turned a blind eye to this cover up as they felt it was in the best interests of Government, stability and did so even though he and others in the cabinet felt sullied and disgusted by the revelations.  He said if he was given the same evidence now he would not agree to any cover up but at the time with Northern Ireland and everything else going on there needed to be cabinet cohesion. Clearly when Mr Cohen did his fact checking, before his scabrous attack on Tom Watson's morals, he missed this key objective fact out in his rush to slap the whitewash on for the British Establishment's behalf.

For all of Tom Watson's faults (of which being a Labour MP is the major starting point) on this affair he has been effective, accurate and precise in his allegations about Saville, Cyril Smith and on down the line with respect to the high level of the users of these paedophile rings. Clearly with the stink around Leon Brittain not going away and Lord Janner increasingly being hung out to dry there are folk at the centre of the cover up and the paedophile activities within the British Establishment who are now increasingly frightened their house of cards is about to come down around their heads. If this serious allegation at the heart of the British Establishment is blown open, just what else will fall out from the ever widening gap of credence in the establishment's activities?

About the only rock Nick Cohen did not throw at Tom Watson in his Observer article was a claim of antisemitism in relation to Janner or Brittain. Maybe that will be next up when Cohen seeks to conflate Watson's support for the Palestinians with Watson's clearly vicious witch hunt on the dead and the dying of the Hebrew faith.

There is a massive brown skyte mark on the crutch of the British Establishment's bloomers and it is only going to get ever bigger and stink ever higher as the many strings to the inherent corruption at the heart of the UK continue to unravel. All the tame London Parish Pump Media in the world is not going to save them when they can not hold it in any longer.


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  2. I have to say none of this surprises me, I have considered the previous and present ruling classes guilty of many things,this is one of their more disgusting attributes, that of always hanging together, I suppose better than hanging separately. I may not care for Tom Watson but give him his due he has done his level best with this and does not seem to be backing down. Good for him.