Wednesday, 31 May 2017


What is it with unionist politicians and their supporters in the media?

Willie fronts up in a failure of a sports car.

Ruth fights a re-run of the 2014 referendum while being policy empty when it comes to Scotland.

Kez says mostly anything about Scotch Labour's "independence" in policy making, only to be slapped down by London.

Not one unionist politician can answer why their bosses in London are fixated on buying a missile system which is already out dated, the USN is shutting down any further development on Trident after 2020 and current development work will end by 2025. The USN is currently planning to have all its Trident boats decommissioned by 2050 while the first of the UK's next generation 'bomber' submarines is unlikely to commission much before 2030.  Add in the UK can not afford to fully arm its current Trident warheads and will be launching as many lumps of concrete, in retaliation, as nuclear weapons and you are left wondering, why bother in any case. The question remains will Lockheed - Martin continue to run its Trident maintenance program once the USN Trident is out of commission after 2050 and at what cost to the UK taxpayer?

UK Nuclear weapons did not deter Russia from walking into the Crimea a couple of years ago; North Korea from being, well, North Korea or any number of African genocides over the last four decades, let alone the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982 or any number of US military incursions, contrary to UK best interests.

In the meantime to afford this obscene nuclear willy waving our conventional forces, the ones we actually need to be effective in today's asymmetric warfare, as conducted by the likes of ISIS, are being cut to the bone. The UK can not meet its own home defence needs let alone its NATO commitments as another two type 23 frigates are laid up ten years earlier than planned, the British Army can only support one armoured division in the field and only for a couple of weeks at that (its NATO commitment is to provide 3 armoured divisions, an actual army) while the RAF still can not fulfil its main NATO commitment of maritime surveillance in the Iceland - Faroes gap and Norwegian Sea.

According to the unionist triumvirate we are stronger in the face of terrorism and outside aggression by staying in the UK .... aye, right enough!

Scotland has a basket case economy, reliant on oil, according to arch unionist, Andrew Neil, telling ignorant, wee Nicola off. Wait a minute Andrew, just who is actually responsible for the macro economic decision making that hamstrings Scotland's economy at every turn, that'll be UK Government policy at Westminster, politically driven by the UK Chancellor via the UK Treasury, surely, Andrew?

As this unionist election campaign in Scotland unravels by the day it seems amazing that any person who has more than a single brain cell synapse can still claim any key area of Scottish society is "safer in the UK Union" and control  "better exercised at Westminster than Holyrood" when the opposite, whether it is basic welfare provision, the NHS or State Pensions, is objectively and demonstrably true for Scotland.

When unionist politicians resort to out right lies, such as Ruth's on the SNP manifesto delay, then you have to wonder what the internal polls the unionist party's are seeing in their canvas returns are actually saying. The increasing stridency of Ruth, Willie and Kez suggests the published "UK" media polls on Scotland are pretty far off the beam when compared to actual doorstep returns.

With eight days to go the only policy it appears the unionist parties have in Scotland is "No to a second referendum" with a sub text of "Scotland: just do as yer telt by Westminster, jist like we're daenin', pal. Bein' buggert aa the time by Lunnon dandies is nae tae bad, aince ye get the hang o' it an' as long as ye hae ane o' thon muckle pots o' Union flag bedecked Vaseline haundy."

Ho-hum .... who could seriously vote for the Vaseline pot and smile?

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