Sunday, 6 December 2020

The Lie goes twice around the world before Truth gets its boots on

 Early this week I posted a considered piece, I thought, on Covid.

The blog pointed out the risks from contracting Covid, the long term health complications of Covid, sought to undo the unscientific garbage being posted by anti-vaccers about the development of the Pfizer and Oxford vaccines and in general point out the whole process was not part of Bill Gate's plans to take over the world and force us all to use Windows 10.

Thankfully, most folk were grateful for the information as part of helping them make an informed choice. A medical researcher kindly explained how both of the vaccines work, the the risk of any adverse reaction to the Pfizer vaccine and showed the maths (the risk is around 0.00073% of an adverse reaction vs the risk of dying from Covid which is 7% according to current WHO figures).

The anti-vaccers were, in the majority, the only ones who posted.

Take "Jo" who asked how can the vaccine have been developed this fast, according to his History of Vaccines the fastest development was of a new Mumps vaccine in 1967 and that took 4 years.

Dear Jo:

In 1967 the only way to work out the shape and form of a protein molecule was radio crystalography, the same technique which confirmed the double helix of DNA, and took a skilled user two days to turn around an 60% probability answer. Computers available to medical research in 1967 filled whole basements of research departments and had the computing power of a "Fitbit" watch. There have been a number of improvements over the last 60 years in the identification of protein structures and computing capacity. On top of this things like scientific advancement have been going on which means our understanding of cell biology and chemistry has moved along a bit as has the understanding of virus and our body's response to them.

In the 1960's the only way to grow virus was inside fertilized hens eggs kept in incubators, now a days you do not need the virus once you know its structure, then you can test out potential vaccine structures in a computer simulation which mimics the effect on human cell biology and the virus, all before you even begin animal testing and human clinical trials. Thus years of old style and time consuming 60's style research is not required.

Unsurprisingly "Jo" was not impressed and asked how could I prove it was not some Big Pharma scam funded by folk like Bill Gates who had poisoned 1000's of children in Africa with "his" polio vaccine.

Dear Jo; 

The polio scandal was in India not Africa. It was caused by unscrupulous Indian drug middle men taking a skim and purchasing "polio vaccine" from unregistered and unlicensed producers while packaging the vaccine in correctly printed packaging. Yes Bill Gates has given millions of dollars to the WHO / Rotary International Polio Plus campaign which seeks to send polio the same way as smallpox, ending it as a scourge in developing and developed nations (Spain has only recently been declared polio free by the WHO) 

The actual Polio Plus program is run by Rotary International in each country, under WHO supervision and has nothing to do with Mr Gates. Mr Gates merely helps fund it. The majority of the funding for the program has come from Rotary International's own volunteer members worldwide and whose lobbying of "Big Pharma" reduced the costs per dose considerably.

Next up; Jo claimed I was seeking to bully them into taking the Covid vaccine and had not answered their questions.

Dear Jo,

You just made that up, I have never said anyone has to take the Covid vaccine and I believe I have answered your questions as fully and as accurately as I can, if that is bullying then I am guilty. It will be peer pressure rather than compulsion on which you will base your own decision.

Maybe you just do not like the answers I have given you?

My personal problem with the anti-vaccer / conspiracy theory of vaccine is simple. I can remember when mass public health vaccinations were in their infancy. Primary school friends suddenly disappeared, some did not return (TB) while others did wearing calipers due to polio or unable to play because of "weak lungs" from Scarlet fever. In my own life time I have seen diseases that were killers and disablers of young people become mild and inconsequential "childhood diseases". Imagine the uproar if an 18 month baby died of chicken pox or a three year old was left permanently deaf due to measles in the 21st Century?

In the mid 1980's when anti-vaccer scare stories first started doing the rounds of internet chat rooms a sizable number of Mums in big cities like London and Manchester decided not to have the Pertussis vaccination to prevent Scarlet fever given to their children. Within 12 months young children were dying from Scarlet fever in numbers not seen since the late 1950's with many more left to carry lung damage for the rest of their lives. There has been no reduction in uptake of the pertussis vaccine since.

The doctor whose 'study' led to the scare was subsequently found to have been highly selective in the data he used, independent research could not replicate his claims and findings, The Lancet made a fulsome apology for printing the paper without proper peer review and eventually the General Medical Council removed him from the National Register of Doctors, not because of the paper but because he was a danger to patients and the public as he would not admit, in spite of all the evidence, he had rigged the results. Sadly this gave the UK anti-vaccers their first "martyr" while they ignored all the children his "study" had killed or damaged.

As a coda, may I point out, in the UK, by law and legislation, all drugs and vaccines are deemed poisons (yes, even aspirin) which is why they must be prescribed or authorised by professional practitioners trained in their use such as Pharmacists, Doctors, Dentists and prescribing Nurses. It is a duty of care the healthcare world in the UK takes seriously, based on the best scientific information we have and after consideration of the risks versus the benefits of any drug or vaccine.


  1. I have had every vaccination since day dot and I am not an antivaccer. So lets get that out the way for starters.

    You are correct that we have come a long way in the last 50years in understanding, creating and testing of vaccines. This is not in dispute.

    The issue is THIS Vaccine, not ANY Vaccine. The issue is covid19, what is it, where did it come from, why won't China allow a full investigation, why are there numerous lawsuits involving many medical experts, why are there many medics that are sounding alarm bells, why are there disputes about the death rates and what is attributed as covid rather than comorbidities, why are Pharma companies legally exempt from any adverse consequences of their vaccine and refuse to provide warranties. Why are some governments indicating mandatory vaccination. Why did the UK reduce the covid threat to a non HCID in March20. Why are there doubts about the PCR tests giving false positives and negatives. Why is there still no isolated sample of covid19 available even after a year since the first case..

    In short there are too many unanswered questions surrounding the efficacy of this vaccine. I am not prepared to accept the word of the talking heads that are routinely trotted out on the BBC and other MSM to convince us that we need this vaccine without clear and unequivocal answers, there is too much at stake.

  2. Sounds like you are into the conspiracy theory stuff that is circulating, here is a time line of actually recorded events.

    Time Line:

    Late November 2019 China warns the WHO it has a flu epidemic in Wuhan which is unlike any other SARS type Flu. China claims it will contain the outbreak by isolating Wuhan Province. The full blown virus causes serious pneumonia in victims and requires them to be on ventilators, the level of deaths is far higher than any previous flu epidemic. WHO contacts Public Health Authorities worldwide with a low level warning of possible pandemic.

    Late December 2019: China informs the WHO the virus is similar to one found in bats and has a 1:3 infection rate. Outbreaks occur in Korea and Vietnam. Virology departments across the world collaborate to begin to work out what the virus is.

    February 2020 first cases identified in Scotland. Major outbreaks in Italy and Spain including multiple deaths. UK Government sits on its hands. WHO sends out a red alert of a worldwide pandemic, NHS Scotland told to start planning for a Covid pandemic

    March 2020 Labs agree on the type of virus (Covid 19) and its structure. Lab work begins on vaccine. Europe concentrates on two approaches one based at the world renowned virus lab at Oxford the other in Germany, the decision is made to look at a standard vaccine and a new approach using a RNA anolgue.

    Astra-Zenica agree to produce the "Oxford" standard vaccine, Pfizer the "German" "new" RNA analogue vaccine.

    July: both vaccines are deemed ready for human trials which begin as soon as the ethics and safety committee agree the protocols and "blind testing" in volunteers starts. Both vaccines create anti-covid antibodies in clinically effective levels. Press in UK speculate about the Oxford vaccine being ready by September. The scientific and clinical results point to changes needing to be made to the Oxford vaccine to improve safety and effectiveness.

    The RNA version trials 40,000 doses on volunteers, meets clinical safety and effectiveness targets. The biggest problem is the storage requirements to ensure the stability of the Pfizer version.

    September: EU regulatory authority gives approval to move to mass production of the RNA version at which point Pfizer takes over. The Oxford vaccine is still waiting for EU regulatory approval to go into production.

    November: EU regulatory body informs EU they are happy to release the Pfizer version for public use, the final decision for use lies with individual EU Governments and their regulatory body.

    December: EU Regulatory clearance given for the Oxford version, Astra-Zenica aim to begin mass production in January 2021.UK decides to approve the use of the "Pfizer" vaccine

    It should be noted that EU Governments / Universities backed the research phase of the development of both vaccines and not "Big Pharma". The license and patents for the Covid vaccine will stay with the Universities linked Biotech companies which developed the vaccines.

    The Covid test system introduced by the UK Government was already identified as giving false positive results and unreliable before it was purchased. Public Health Officials told the UK Government this.

    The revelation that the "state of the art" UK Government test and trace system was being run on a bodged version of Excel, at a cost of millions of pounds left Public Health Officials in England stunned and exasperated but explained why the data they received was so corrupted and unusable.

    Meanwhile, in Scotland, a different approach has been taken and a different test and trace system brought in by Scot Gov and NHS Scotland, one which actually works.

    The information is all there but not if you only read the scare stories going around on the internet and the duff journalism sadly now common to the UK National media.

    1. Just to add to your "conspiracy theory" idealogy. As I said too many unanswered questions.

    2. And I should add

  3. Just one thing, Pertussis is Whooping Cough not scarlet fever. Otherwise spot on. I had WC as a baby and had to have a hernia repair at 9 months old due to the severity of the coughing.