Monday, 30 January 2012

Mr Milliband's big day out in Glasgow

The semi-detached Mr Milliband and his wiffly waflly speech in praise and defence of the Union.

The Scots people want to create a confederal union through Devo-max and he has joined hands with his new Tory chums to prevent Scotland this option.

In over 50 years of hegemony in the West of Scotland, Labour has overseen the growth of some of the worst pockets of poverty and ill health in the UK and he wants Scots to sign up for more of the same degredation of their quality of life in a speech which is empty of rhetoric, vision, substance or honesty

Keir Hardy campaigned for Scottish Independence. He, Maxton and MacLean would look to the sole of their shoes to see where Milliband's stink is coming from while reminding Milliband it was Westminster who put armed troops on the streets of Glasgow in 1919 to oppress the people and falsely imprisoned John MacLean, to the detriment of his health, and now try to drum up the spectre of the non existent Scottish National Liberation Army, yet again. The SNLA an organisation whose appearance routinely coincides with Westminster being in the thick and steaming in Scotland.

Here's the disengagement Milliband and New Labour has not understood: Scotland has a deep and centuries long commitment to what is now called 'social democracy', in the 1500's laws were made to ensure parishes not only looked after their poor and sick but ensured a basic education for all. A fundamental truth for a socialist society, one New Labour has turned its back on in its drift to the neo-liberal wastelands of corporate greed and self interest to be 'me too' Tories.

Yet still Milliband believes a story of 'jam tomorrow' will save this perfidious and unequal union - it is now a case of empty vessels make most noise, in this debate, while the SNP will have gained more members and the pro-independence camp more vote share with every pathetic droning word Milliband said with out raising a finger.

The argument in Scotland is at the Ghandi moment of: 'They fight you, then you win!'

(This is an extended piece based on a thread first written in Politics Now - Milliband's Glasgow speech in full)

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