Monday, 23 January 2012

A rant against Tory stupidity over housing benefit:

'Its not fair', bleats yet another Tory has been while trousering money left right and centre from the public purse.

'Its not fair' bleat the merchant bankers who, having brought the UK to its knees, are troughing from the same public purse as the politicians.

'Its not fair' bleat Vodaphone as they avoid a massive billion pound UK tax bill.

It is fair to force folk out of their homes because the housing benefit will not cover their mortgage /rent while they seek non existing work in many sectors.

Beveridge stated in his 1942 report, which lead to the 1944 coalition white paper on a fair welfare state, that the setting of a universal level of benefit for the whole of the UK would deliver dependancy in some of the poorest areas because the universal benefit would be greater than the local wage.

For political reasons Atlee's government created a universal rate of benefit - that reason was simply Labour would then control the poorest areas of the UK because to vote 'Tory' could be sold as an end to benefit. The Tory Party as 'Scrooge' is deeply imbedded in the psyche of all parts of the UK.

In the last three decades both the Tories and New Labour have been stewards to the creation of the biggest gap between rich and poor since Dikensian times in the UK - is it any surprise the social democrat leaning Scots want out with their Welsh cousins slowly coming up behind?

Now we are seeing growing resentment in Northern England and the SW of England to Westminster's introversion and within London and the SE the boil of riots is expanding on top of the inner city resentment seen in the rise of the gangs and organised crime.

Westminster and their beloved 'City of London' now have more in common with the Chicago of Al Capone than the mother of parliaments and a UK democracy.

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