Thursday, 12 April 2012

"New Labour is dead, long live New Labour!"

"Ed Miliband insisted today the Labour Party was embarking on "real, deep, genuine change" to reconnect with disenchanted voters......

"The next election will be about us as much as them," he said."
(Independent - Thursday 12th April)

Nope Ed, not buying it this time - just more putting icing over a pile of steaming cow dung but New Labour remains a pile of steaming cow dung.

New Labour has wrecked their safe heartland in Scotland to the point that it looks as if they will loose control of West of Scotland councils in May.

They are 14% behind the SNP in Westminster voting intentions in Scotland.

The Scottish Branch is in open civil war over New Labour 'selection policies' and tytheing of councillors. Murphy, whose big idea it was, is loud in his silence.

Lamont and Anas Sawar are shooting each other in the foot and at odds with even the New Labour loyalist Matheson over council tax freeze.

Is it any surprise that the Northern English look at what has happen to New Labour in Scotland and are now coming to the same conclusions - New Labour are no different to the Tories and Moribund and Cameroon are interchangeable.

Worse for New Labour they look to Scotland and see social democratic policies being upheld by the SNP that they thought 'New Labour' should also be upholding in Northern England.

Northern England looks at Scotland and sees the principles of the 1948 Welfare and NHS bills being upheld. It looks south of the Watford gap and sees the same principles being destroyed by a Westminster in the thrall of right wing neo-liberal conservatives in all the 'English' parties.

Is it any surprise they would rather vote for a self publicist and champagne socialist like George than any of the above?

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