Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Why Labour's dying a death in Scotland

The Labour Party's Scottish Region can not agree whether is is against a further council tax freeze according to Lamont and Sawar, maybees aye, maybees naw according Glasgow's head honcho Matheson or cutting council tax - as Labour did in supporting a Conservative ammendment budget vote in Stirling Council.

Then there is the current deselection civil war going on in Glasgow's heartlands with Murphy's deadwood springing willow wand like back into life and standing against New Labour. There's the problems in the Glasgow ALEOs where mainly Labour backwoodsmen and women have lost their directorial perks and are not happy with that and the 10% tytheing of the councillor's salaries Labour's Scottish Region wants, in an attempt to try and build up their 'No to Independence' War Chest - as potential backers are few and far between.

The real problem with Labour's Scottish Region is their stance of opposing anything put forward by the SNP for no other reason than it has been put forward by the SNP. A New Labour national position confirmed, by the number 2 Scottish Shadow, in the aftermath of New Labour's failure to vote on the 50p tax issue at Westminster because it was a Plaid / SNP ammendment.

Lammont and Sawar are puppets of Murphy, if you look carefully you can see his hand manipulating them. Labour's Scottish Region has no policy for Scotland apart from more of the same negativity and running down of Scotland to please their London masters. There was a time a monkey in a red rossette could get elected in Glasgow, the problem for Labour's Scottish Region is they still believe that is the case and have failed to notice, even in the aftermath of May 2011, Scotland has moved far distant from their narrow view and as a nation are more likely to be talking sensibly about the pros and cons of independence - a subject Labour's Scottish region is scared to engage in with the 'cybernats' because the evidence increasingly appears to be if you wish a competent, left of centre Scotland you'll have to vote SNP.

To increasing numbers of Scots, New Labour is now a 'me too' Conservative Party - as right wing and even more authoritarian.

Scotland warned Westminster in 2007 it wanted a confederated Union and the warning fell on deaf ears. In 2011 the failure to listen was rewarded with New Labour slipping to 23% of vote share. Currently New Labour are lagging the SNP by 14% in Westminster voting intentions. If the pundits (and remember most of the pundits are BBC Scotland Labour lovies) are wrong and New Labour fails to hold Glasgow then the road back for the party will be hard, if next to impossible in Scotland with out a root and branch clear out of the Scottish Region. The deadwood is not the problem, the party's backward and demeaning view of Scotland is.


  1. Latest Poll now has the SNP 16% ahead of Labour in Scottish voting intentions for Westminster.

  2. May they simply disappear from sight and never be seen again.

    Scotland, deserves a caring government - they are self-serving purveyors of poison.

    I hope they just fade away - and that Ed Miliband... what the heck is that creature?

    JL - the Dark One is possessed of an unpleasant and grubby personailty that degrades Scotland by its presence - begone.

  3. I keep waiting for Labour to do something but so far nothing!I harbour these fears that Labour cant be as stupid as they are making out,that they are more Machiavellian but no it seems that I am smarter.If they don't fight! can we win a fight?I know but surely they cant be so daft? Am I being a worry wart? and watching my blood pressure rise.I think that Murphy sees himself as the puppet master,all I see is a slimy character,he is not who I could vote for.I ask this are Labour along with the rest of the Brit-Nats,not bothering about local or Hollyrood elections and just saving all their energies for the referendum debate? That would mean they would be coming from so far behind,that the race might be over before they got saddled up?