Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cameron's Chunky Pickle.

 Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, warns there will be "a little less understanding" and a tougher approach to the families who are "fluent in social work" and are responsible for chaos that costs the country £9bn every year. He wants fewer children playing truant, life-long benefit claimants on the road to employment, and fewer police call-outs to problem homes.

The reality is there are families who are dysfunctional across the whole of the social spectrum - The House of Windsor is a cracking example of that.

The problem which Pickles does not address is the reality that many of the families Pickles thinks need a short, sharp shock to get them in 'work' are in the position they are because of political decisions to remove the UK manufacturing base offshore over the last four decades and replace jobs that had a tangible output for 'service jobs' (aka: serving burgers in MacDonalds)

Since Thatcher's privatise everything that moves policy, the area of socialised unemployment  has grown and become entrenched, so many previous 'bread winners' after Thatcher's first 'market reforms' failed to find employment, as did successive generations of the same family. This viscious circle ensured these families were entrapped in sink estates where education, health care and social services were severely stretched and tended to break down because of lack of empoyees willing to work in these estates while the police's presence is only for 'drug busts'. It is now at a point that young people from these areas know if they put their address on a job application they will get the PC  'brush off' - even for Tesco check out jobs.

With out hope or opportunity, what point is there to seek a job?

These people have no hope, no future - so is it any surprise they shag, smoke and drink themselves to death 10 to 15 years earlier than Mr and Mrs Average?

These people are not the problem they are the detritus of neo-liberal political and economic policies which have dominated Westminster since 1997, with out any break or check, and the English electorate who have foisted neo-liberalism on the UK by voting Old Tory/New Labour over this period. If anyone can explain to me why doing the same thing time and time again, even though it never has or will work, is such a good idea; I might just believe in retaining the Union.

The only possible future, to end this discarding of sections of the UK population, is to take a hammer to the two party system, Westminster is not fit for purpose and has not been for many decades but to expect Westminster to get rid of the 'Lords' or even bring in the pig's breakfast of a PR system, they foisted on Wales and Scotland's Assembly and Parliament, for UK elections is as likely as me being the next Queen of Scotland.

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