Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Question the 'No' camp can't answer

70% of Scots want fiscal autonomy and a new federal Union. (MORI poll of 1006 Scots June 2012).

How does this balance against the perigrinations of the Union apologists?

All it shows is the degree of 'non-listening' going on in Westminster as the cockerels try to keep the Westminster dung hill going.

The Scottish Electorate has rejected neo-liberal tautology by giving the SNP a majority, in a voting system which Lord Forsyth was assured this could never happen, and a mandate for the referendum which was to include the fiscal autonomy option in the original draft. Westminster said 'fiscal autonomy', over our dead bodies and denied the Scots this option.

This now leaves the Scots with the option of voting 'no' and rejecting 500+ years of social conservatism, in doing so saying yes to neo-liberalism and the status quo epitomised by a Tory led government that can not find its backside with both hands and a GPS, with its banker chums ripping everyone off (Barclays is the rule and not the exception) and the destruction of the welfare state and NHS - all of which, by giving the SNP a landslide, they wholly rejected.

Or voting 'Yes' and creating the opportunity to sustain their longstanding social conservative/ democratic politics, maintain their NHS and Welfare provisions, keep free University education and take the opportunity to stand on their own two feet which, given the current economic indicators, Scotland will manage with out much problem. After all the North Sea Sub Sea Industry just announced it is creating another 8,000+ jobs in Scotland over the next three years, worth in the region of £3 billion to the Scottish economy. This in the week after Diageo announced a £6 billion investment in its Scottish Distilleries and the Germans announced a £300 million investment in the Scottish reusable development and manufacturing sector.

Enrst and Young have reported the impending referendum is not effecting inward investment to Scotland and the Bank of Scotland business report for May 2012 indicated the Scottish job market was strong with 'new employment' growth good. The UK Government's own figures show only London and the SE and Scotland with any economic growth in the last quarter, where as the overall figure for the UK was a 0.4% contraction.

The question then becomes - if Scotland can do all this while inhibited by a City of London centric fiscal policy at Westminster, as a defacto 'UK region' - what could we achieve with out Westminster's corrupt and dead hand?

An idea that is growing in the minds of Scots across Scotland.

"Great minds discuss ideas, averge minds discuss events, small minds discuss personalities" - Elanor Roosevelt.


  1. This is the most current, clear and best and simple presentation of the situation today that I've yet read.

  2. Great analysis. Right up until you misspelt "Eleanor" :)

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