Monday, 25 March 2013

A UK 'Fit for returning heroes'? Beveridge is no more ...

Sadly the English electorate are waking up, some decade too late, to the neo-liberal monster that was Blair and is New Labour and their Tory bedfellows.

There is evidence that all the current Tory Party is doing is following the logical policy track begun by New Labour to bring to the end Beveridge's social advancement program of 1942 and the White Paper of 1944 which brought the UK's welfare state and NHS into existence in 1948.

It was not the Tories who sold off much of the English NHS estate to the banks via PFI - that was all New Labour's doing. It was not the Tories who increased the gap between the richest and poorest in the UK to levels not seen since the 1850's - that was New Labour's doing.

It was not the Tories that bottled out on a reformation of the NHS in England in 2000 that would have made it fit for purpose in the 21st century and instead created an even bigger hodge podge of NHS Quangos with overlapping responsibilities that came to its inevitable conclusion in the Mid Staffs disaster - that was New Labour.

The Tories are merely dotting the 'I's and crossing the 'T's to New labour's 'The NHS is safe with us' policies. The same is true for Welfare, Pensions and Benefits.

The BMA are not looking that clever either as they have been well and truly stitched up this time in their surprise this 'Government' did not keep its promise to them over future GP service delivery and procurement contracts.

Is it any wonder that in a IPSOS / MORI poll in Scotland taken between the 20th and 22nd of March 2013 that 60% of Scots want Holyrood to take control of welfare policy in Scotland, as they already do with health, and 61% think Scotland should retain all taxation raised in Scotland (including oil and gas). Further 50% of Scots polled now think Scotland should negotiate directly with the EU rather than via Westminster.

Sadly the electorate of England do not have the option the Scots have in September 2014 of saying this far and no further by voting 'Yes' to end the Union but the English electorate do have the best part of two years to create an alternative to the neo-liberal dominated parties playing 'Buggins turn' at Wesminster. there are voices / bloggers out there - Keith Ordinary Guy, Katy Anchant, Black Triangle (A black triangle was worn by the 'workshy' in Nazi concentration camps) who are awake to the dangers of the growing plutocracy at Westminster, their policies for 'cleansing' the UK's benefit and health system and are looking for people in England to wake up and start doing something about a Westminster out of tune with the people of the UK as a whole.

Waiting for New Labour to come to their senses is not going to work, ask Micheal Meacher MP. New Labour are doing backroom deals with the Tories then sitting on their hands when it comes to a vote on the removal of Union rights from Civil Servants or on retrospective legislation to make the illegal removal of benefits, legal.

The simple way to ensure England hurtles back to medieval work, health and welfare conditions is to do things the New Labour way and simply sit on your hands. UK Uncut are at least taking action - maybe it is time more 'folk a bed in England' did the same as this could well be your Agincourt moment of the 21st Century or are you just going to let Westminster walk all over you and lay waste to England?

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