Thursday, 28 March 2013

New Labour - ever rightward is the Milliband cry.

The neo-liberal right is dead, long live the neo-liberal right .......

The fallacy of this article defending David Milliband as the 'king New Labour never had' is it is based on the political position that an ever rightward shift of UK politics is inevitable, with out any regard to the increasing apathy shown by the electorate to politics and politicians at Westminster.

There is now a sizable constituency which does not have a party that represents their views in England. They are the increasing section of the electorate who do not bother to vote because a 'right wing' UK government is inevitable. Now this move ever rightwards may make sense to Blue Labour wonks in their quest for 'power' but is increasingly disenfranchising for the UK electorate.

The logic is assinine, it is a logic that says that New Labour must chase the Tories ever rightwards and forces the Tories to move ever rightwards in their quest to 'deal with' the perceived problem of UKIP. Independent political analysis of the present Westminster parties have their policies rated to the 'right of the Nazis' and by implication the UK is now suffering from a fascist style of governance, by default, which is increasingly plutocratic in its basis with the rich protecting the rich.

Meanwhile in Scotland it is increasingly clear the only way we can avoid the imposition of this neo- fascist governance is to 'get out of Dodge'. The Governing party in Scotland is centre left. The right in Scotland is now the home of New (Blue) Labour, the Limpdems and the Tories - both of the latter are now in the political endangered species category in Scotland. UKIP has a 0.3% electoral presence in Scotland.

IDS was in Scotland yesterday trying to sell his policy behind the closed doors of a £543 a pop seminar. He was outed, he did not get the sound bites he hoped into the Scottish media, he was reminded he had no democratic foothold to impose on Scotland, having only one Westminster MP in Scotland, he ended up looking a complete buffoon by the end of the day. In the Scottish Parliament the Tories voice in Scotland (New Labour) came serially unstuck with an attempt to grandstand on the 'bedroom tax' as Jackie Baillie was taken forensically to bits by Nicola Sturgeon. Even BBC Scotland's Newsnicht could not resurrect the Baillie's car crash as her interview there ended up going down hill all the way.

Today, Better Together's pal in Northern Ireland, their First Minister has declared;

"We can't understand that reasoning (on the refusal to give NI corporation tax rate control) because we think it sends a message to the people of Scotland. What, effectively, you are saying to the people of Scotland is that if you want more fiscal autonomy than you have at the present time the only way to have it is through independence. I think that is the wrong message for the government to be giving to the people of Scotland." 

The idea that left of centre policies can not get you elected in the UK is a fallacy - the problem for England is there is no party promoting left of centre, social democratic policies that voters can vote for. This is the fundamental weakness of the argument above for the ever rightward drift of Westminster politics. There are the Greens in England and then a big gap until you hit the main Westminster Parties

Yesterday I posed the idea that Cameron, Clegg and Milliband want Scotland out of the Union - today I am growing increasingly certain. Mr Robinson has made clear there is no 'jam tomorrow' if you stay within Westminster's increasingly fascist orbit.

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