Monday, 8 April 2013

Thatcher is dead ... So?

Thatcher had her faults and strengths. I believe she thought she was doing more good than harm and given the decade of politics which preceded her in the 1970's she may well have been right, up to a point. Unforunately she ended up surrounded by folk who did not stand up to her more crass ideas and after her 'victory' over the Scargill lead NUM, completely lost the plot. Scargill is equally guilty through his actions of what then happened to the UK coal industry. To a large extent their egos deserved each other but it was the workers who suffered in the end.

Without Thatcher there would have been no rise of the SNP nor New Labour's suicidal charge to the right of UK politics, both of which increases the likelihood of Scottish independence, not an outcome Thatcher would wish but one she started, lead to devolution and one I am personally grateful for.

To wish joy upon any death is morally incompetent - the judgement for her will be elsewhere and according to her own beliefs: 'By your actions, ye shall be known.'

Therein lies probably the greatest potential dichotomy for Thatcher's soul; just how is she going to survive the eons in a Christian Heaven, where all are equal? Where the first shall come last? Richmen, camels and needles ....

Even the devil could not have thought up a better punishment ......

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