Friday, 24 May 2013

Do they give a monkeys?

The problem for both the 'Scottish' Conservatives and their Better Together pals in 'Scottish' Labour is they are trapped in a death spiral of English Union monkey say; Scottish Union monkey do.

Scottish Union monkey will happily continue to do what English Union monkey tells them because they are too busy hating the SNP organ grinder to listen to what the Scottish peanut vendors (aka electorate) are saying and have been saying since well before 2006, "We would like to keep the Union but it has to be a very different, new Union with only a few shared functions."

Both sets of Union political monkeys know this blows their present comfy Union carve up out the water, so they do not give a monkeys and are happy to tell the Scottish electorate where they can stick their nuts.

The SNP organ grinder is only too happy to continue this state of affairs as it is more political profit in his hat to the extent he will no longer need the monkeys within a couple of years because he is looking at a new 'gig' at the key boards of a mighty Wurlitzer, independent of the monkeys and their incessant and meaningless chatter.

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