Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer time, and leaving Labour is easy .....

Like many pro-independence political 'wonks' I tend to get too highly atuned to the nuances of political positions with regards to the referendum and miss what is actually going on.

I can debate and inform on most aspects of why independence is the right way to go, I seek to laugh at the increasing shrill justification to 'save the Union' eminating from the mouths of the Alistair Darling's of this world rather than throw rocks at them - laughing at annoyance is one of my anger management tools, as is walking away from angry and shrill discussions of any sort. The reality is engaging with someone else's anger is exceedingly stressful and normally results in you being in the same, deaf to what is being said, unhealthy, and strident state. Anger is just fear in another form. I have no fear of a 'No vote', as I am certain there will not be one.

Down in Englandshire the peasants are revolting. Of course like much of the substantial reasons and facts why Scotland would be a better place as an independent country we, the peasants in other parts, are not allowed to know about it from the national media. Heaven forfend the establishment participants who conglomerate together to form the Westminster body politic 'mover and shakers' ever let us know they have been outed by an ever greater number of the English electorate as an increasingly fascist state, bringing forward 'workshy' legislation of a severity and anti-social degree not seen since the 1934 Nuremburg Laws of Hitler's Third Riech. The same laws that saw the 'medical killing' of the mental, physically handicaped and disabled of Germany and Austria by 1938 which in turn lead to the 'final solution' to that other malignant disease wreaking havoc in Arian Germany, the Jews.

High flown rhetoric? Well, so far, according to Micheal Meacher MP there have been nearly 3,000 deaths amongst the mentally ill and disabled directly related to DWP / ATOS workshy decisions made against them. Currently George Rolf is on hunger strike in an attempt to raise public awareness of what is being done in their 'name' using the 'Workshy Legislation' while an aquiesent UK National Media studiously ignore him.

Writing in the Observer on Sunday Kevin McKenna, a long time dyed in the wool new Labour supporter, under the guise of an article asking why the SNP Justice Minister is not persuing an investigation of 'rendition flights' through Prestwick and Aberdeen to the USA; had this to say of the New Labour Party he had once championed and for many years has been seeking to defend to his Scottish readership:

"Even as these old and inalienable rights were being asserted Ed Miliband was doing his bit to hasten the wholesale destruction of the Labour movement in England. Not so long ago, it would have seemed impossible to imagine that the British Labour party would be entrusted to as unprincipled and spineless a politician such as he."

 In the back ground, on both sides of the border, there are a growing number of activists and longstand members walking away from New 'Blue' Labour. Many, such as Oliver James, have blogged on why they have made their personally painful decision to leave a party that has lost its soul to the Bilderburg's of this world. He has had enough of the New 'Blue' Labour spin and hypocrisy writing in his blog he explained it in this way:

"I struggle to understand why Labour constantly sends me and its other members emails highlighting the failures of the Tory Party, telling us how upset we should be with them, but at the same time offering literally no alternative policies or even any ideas that would separate them from the current government. To make it even worse, after hundreds of emails opposing the Tory actions, Labour admits they will not reverse these changes if they win in 2015."

Meanwhile the Independent on Sunday are giving Owen Jones column inches to explain his disavowal of the New Labour party he has long championed, his bitterness at New Labour's rightwing orthodoxy surfaces early on in his piece: 

"The unemployed; disabled benefit claimants; immigrants; public sector workers: all have come under far more sustained attack than those who plunged this country – and much of the world – into disaster. We’ve burned your house down, say the Tories: so it’s only fair we burn down your less deserving neighbour’s house, too. As for the Labour leadership’s confident, coherent alternative to Tory austerity – well, I’ll let you finish laughing before you read on."

But his is a positive voice, a youngman who has spent the last two years criss-crossing England in his attempt to discover any sort of left wing consensus and finding it alive and well with packed out meetings where ever he has gone. They are looking to pack Westminster Central Hall, home of English Methodism, with thousands of fellow socialists and social democrats on the 22 June:

".....thousands will  convene: it will not only be a show of force, but a launchpad for a missing force in British politics."

Will  'National Media' even bother to cover the meeting?  We will find out in due course but if they do they will no doubt focus on 'loony left' style reportage, the niavety of the left in the face of austerity while missing the serious point that without a shift in policy, without the creation of real hope for the people of England, Westminster will soon be facing the same protests now shutting down Turkey. If the Westminster establishment continues ignoring the growing concerns of the English electorate not only are they setting the scene for a summer of riots in English cities but driving an even bigger wedge between socialist / social democrat leaning Scotland and the rest of the UK.

I will leave you with the last sentence from ex-New Labour's Scottish cheer leader Kevin KcKenna's article in the Observer:

"With each passing week, it seems, England is declaring its separation from Scotland without a referendum.


  1. May Labour's rotting corpse deteriorate and turn to dust. They are a sickening mob.

  2. That Independent piece is by Mark Steel, not Owen Jones.