Monday, 7 October 2013

No Tea Party

The previous blog has clearly upset a number of Republican folk in the USA.

One pro independence FB page dropped the article because it was upsetting some of its USA supporters, easily solved - I dropped the Facebook page.

From the few comments on the original blog Ms Angry Republican did not have much to say about the issue raised - the increasingly fascist style governance of the USA and UK, outside a personal attack on me based on the issue of Obamacare. As I do not allow ad hominen attacks on my blog, it and the responses have been deleted and I have posted to explain why.

Sadly the responses from US Republicans merely served to add to my view of an increasingly insular and arrogant USA where it is 'OK' if they meddle in others affairs in say Libya, Somalia, Syria or Iraq and comment about all and sundry but 'Lawdy, Lawdy' it is absolutely appalling, disgraceful and undemocratic if you shine a mirror on a tiny corner of their political world, especially the 'Tea Party' Republican world view. 

There were many other issues they could have pick on, the Republican Representative from Texas who I quoted in disbelief but then I would have pointed out he is chair of the Congress Energy Committee and what sort of Texan company funds his campaigns. No, there is just something about Obamacare that gets their Republican goat, even though it is a highly diluted system of funding universal health care in comparison to most European provision, maybe it is the compulsory nature of the scheme and the impact it will have on Walmart profit margins - I do not know because Ms Angry Republican did not explain they simply 'slagged off', in turn this does not suggest there is much wrong with Obamacare except the bill is law in the USA, on the statute and the Republicans simply hate anything Obama does.

Even Fox News has had to admit 59% of folk in the USA they polled are pointing the finger at the Republican Party for the shut down and Sunday's US media blitz by Republican Congress Members has had little effect in changing this perception. Maybe the Republican's should listen because Fox News and its owner are hardly massive supporters of Obama.

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