Friday, 25 October 2013

The United Kingdom of London

I saw an interesting graph yesterday showing wholesale gas prices are not much, if any, higher than a year ago while the unit price to the consumer over the same period has been hiked by 18% (including the recently announced rises). Austerity has seen a wage increase of around 1% for the energy companies, factory gate inflation is around 3% (caused, ironically, by the same energy cost hikes) and remember Centrica alone made in excess of £66 billion profit before tax in 2011-12 from its energy business.

So why are the useless, toothless, sybaritic, oanistic Westminster plutocrats sitting on their hands, saying deaths from hypothermia should not happen while, in the real world, people in their own country, a first world country, die from a preventable cause?

A bunch of plutocrats whose solution to the problem is to 'put an extra jumper' on. This will be on top of the two vests, T-shirt, shirt, two pullovers, scarf, gloves and a fleece which is already being worn.

A preventable cause made worse by the 1934 Nuremburg Law mimicking benefit reforms the same morons passed with out a whimper of opposition. Benefit changes in themselves which are estimated to be causing, directly and indirectly, in the region of 1,000 deaths a month - even before it gets 'cold'.

Got terminal cancer? You are fit for work; so we are stopping all your benefits. 

Have MS? You do not need a spare room for your husband to sleep in, you are married for F**k's sake take an excess bedroom penalty, tough if you end up being evicted. 

Sick in England, can't see a doctor, end up with an intractable condition because of the delays - tough you should have signed up with BUPA, bloody cheap skate that you are, to avoid the failings of all the lazy doctors and nurses the NHS in England employs.

So be good underlings, die quietly in your hovels and do not attract the attention of the press while thinking of England (damn, I meant Britain - same thing really), you know it is what you have to do for the good of us all (well the people who really count which is not you in any way, shape or form).

The United Kingdom of London - we make the mess, we rob the tax payer blind, we suck in massive indirect and direct UK Government subsidies, we buy off the politicians and you plebs have to die to save our embarrassment, because it is always your fault when our debt fueled house of cards comes crashing down about our ears.

Caring Conservatism at its best.

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