Sunday, 13 July 2014

Empty Headed

I have seen too many unpleasant sights in my life as part and parcel of my professional career from faces mangled in road traffic accidents to the impact on the human body of modern high energy weapon rounds and explosives. The latter experience having left me with nightmares, on and off, for the last four decades.

One image, sent to me by a well informed source who has worked in Gaza, has rendered me silent since I saw it on Thursday night. The image is tragic enough. A Palestinian toddler lying dead on a trolley in their local Gaza triage unit. The toddler's father is beyond consolation, as any father would be as he holds the baby's face in his hands. The picture is truly tragic, painful, visceral and would create anger in a heart of stone; but as my trained eye moved over the picture I noticed the details with a surgeon's eye, this two year old had no back to their skull. Where the toddler's brain would, should have been was as empty as a cracked eggshell. In effect this poor innocent child, no threat to the Zionist politics of Israel had been rendered empty headed because the Israeli Government has no time for 'Hamas human shields'. 

The deaths of innocent civilians in Gaza, according to Zionist Israel, are acceptable collateral damage. A cost ordinary Palestinians in Gaza have to pay for 'democratically' electing Hamas to run their Palestinian ghetto, the last large coherent piece of Palestinian Authority Territory left in Palestine as the West Bank is broken up into ever smaller parcels by illegal Israeli settlements and Israel's version of the 'Iron Curtain'.

The irony is not lost on me that a territory set up to give people refuge, hope and a future, after one of the most unpleasant and vicious episodes in their history which saw them on the verge of annihilation, has turned into a mirror image of the state which persecuted Europe's Jewry.

What is the difference between say the Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza?

Both are / were contained within walls to isolate them. Access was / is carefully controlled by police and the military of the state in power. Both were / are exposed to random raids, arrests, beatings and, if they show any resistance, sudden death. Just as it was 'OK' to treat the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, the untermensch, in this way it is 'OK' for the Zionist state of Israel to treat the Palestinians of Gaza in this way. The world, much as it did with European Jewry between 1936 and 1945, shrugs its collective shoulders and says - so what, they probably had it coming and carries on as if nothing is happening, innocent people are not dying, streets in Gaza are not filling up with human excrement because the Israeli Government has shut down power to Gaza yet again and of course innocent civilians are not dying as they have become defacto terrorists so do not count. The Israeli propaganda machine learned how to sell this as 'normal' from its contacts with aparthied South Africa and does it so well.

Cameron, Obama and other apologists for Israel's Zionist Government continue, with the support of their tame national media set up, to seek to convince the electorates of their respective countries that it is all the Palestinian's own fault, Israel needs to be allowed to 'protect itself'.  The unsaid words are, '... and if they expand their territory further we will continue to turn a blind eye.' It appears that allowing a right wing government 'lebenstraum' is once again derigeur in Washington and London's political circles and the break up of Gaza only a matter of time. Lurking in the back ground is the Saudi spawned ISIS, a beast which Saudi is losing control over as it takes on a life of its own and looks to subsume Sunni Iraq, Syria, Jordon, Lebanon in its grandiose plans for a Sunni State of the Levant, a rebirth of the empire of Sallahudin (if you will) which, when complete, will turn on Israel with a vengeance.

In effect, this is just more empty headedness but at a level which is not supposed to be empty headed. The result will be the same as for the tragic toddler in Gaza, more parents holding the heads of their dead children and through their pain and suffering asking - Why?

The answer is the same through out history, ordinary people's indifference to others suffering.

(I am expecting some claims of antisemitism from those who can not face reality, be very clear my argument is not with those of Jewish faiths and sensibilities but with the nasty right wing, neo-liberal, Zionist Government of Israel. An argument also being pursued by those of the Jewish faith across Europe as can be seen by Orthodox Jews' involvement in protests in support of Gaza)


  1. Very well said Peter.
    Because the fighting in this part of the world is about land and who controls it,the violence isn't going away any time soon.
    The Israeli's should never have been allowed to annexe and occupy Palestinian land but now that they have,I am afraid there is probably no way back.
    Of course,it couldn't have happened without backing from the USA but now that the Americans no longer rely on Middle East oil,perhaps the land grab will slow.
    The Israelis have made no friends around the world with their actions and consequently may find it more difficult to garner international support in future.
    I suppose you could call this poacher turned gamekeeper.
    Thanks Peter.

  2. Well said. Britain has a lot to answer for around the world yet it has not learned any lessons and continues to interfere where it has no business to. The quicker we - Scotland get shot of them the better, and hopefully for the rest of humanity, if we help by shutting their gas doon ta a' peep.