Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Labour's dying insult? ...

As I was doing my daily scan of the news on line one idea kept on coming back to me - just why do Scotch Labour apparatchiks hate the electorate of Scotland so much?

How does Scotch Labour, run by Jim Murphy, think that insulting and deprecating the Scottish electorate is going to win them their continued seats on Westminster's gravy train?

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this on Wings over Scotland and the interchange of comments amongst 'high heid yins' in Scotch Labour which demonstrate, clearly, just how much Scotch Labour hate their own electorate.

Then there are Jim Murphy's attempts to accuse a peaceful demonstration, acting on academic evidence, questioning the BBC's impartiality as 'bullying'.

We have, allegedly, seen the hand of MI5 in the cyber attacks on Ms Rowling in an attempt to portray the Yes campaign as 'nutters' and there will be no doubt more to come on that line. MI5 have previous on acting as agent provocateurs in Scotland as I noted in yesterday's post.

I did not read Mr Cochrane's rant in the Telegraph as I prefer putting two fingers down my throat than tasting his bile - apparently he had all kinds of nasty things to say about deluded Scots voting Yes.

Poly Tonybee in the Gruniad is today, belatedly, starting to wake up to just how isolated and insular England will become in Europe on a 'Yes' vote in Scotland if the EU referendum Cameron has promised takes rUK out of the EU. She ponders how much longer after that Northern Ireland or Wales will stay before they take a walk and follow Scotland, isolating England even further.

Just when I did not think things could go any lower a Scotch Labour PPC compared three kids having a photo taken between two Pandas and under a 'Wings' banner at the BBC bias protest to a Hitler Youth indoctrination campaign, seemingly her fellow Scotch Labour folk agree.

It seems Ms Lamont's claim that the Yes campaign is a virus, should be eradicated and that Scots are all scroungers was not a one off - it is Scotch Labour's political manifesto.

Vote No and be insulted and deprecated for another 300 years - has a truly inspiring ring to it.

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