Monday, 22 September 2014

Denial .... still going strong

On Sunday morning I posted Urgent: SNP Changes Policy; more to shed some of the anger I felt and to focus it in a way that could have some beneficial effect by raising awareness of the worst case scenario faced by the SNP membership at this October's conference.

I was imagining how John Swinney would seek to place this unpalatable change in policy, one which rubs against the grain of the SNP's social democratic heart, in a manner which the SNP conference would acquiesce to the necessary cuts that may well be yet required. Currently the page has now had 1577 unique hits since it was posted, 5x the normal rate and over twice the previous high for a day.

Some people believed it was an actual SNP Press release, most realised it was merely blue sky thinking but a sizable enough number thought it was true - this was going to be presented as policy to the SNP Conference in October. It seems I am not the only one concerned with regards the real costs of a 'No vote'.

Here we are on Monday afternoon. All the 'Vows' and 'Promises' of the 'No Campaign' are already in tatters as the Margaret Curran's of this world waltz onto the BBC say the 'vows' and 'promises' are not 'Vows' and 'Promises' just negotiating positions, negotiation positions not between the Westminster parties but internal negotiating positions within the parties as Labour's Jack Straw seeks to ensure this 'referendum situation' can never happen again. Miliband's weakness is exposed when faced with the reality of of English MP votes for English only policies being peddled by Cameron. All of this new discussion is being peddled as 'constitutional change' by the same media which brought you the unthinking journalism of the No campaign, who remain blind to the reality this is about control of Westminster by the usual elites. I expect there will be all sorts of smoke and mirrors between now and the 2015 Electoral Campaign with the end result 'nothing will change'.

Given nothing is going to change and £27 billion of public service cuts are on their way, with an estimated 500,000 job losses, who can tell me my outline of John Swinney's supposed speech to conference in October 2014 will not be fact by October 2015?

There is now a window of opportunity between now and May 2015 to turn Yes Scotland into Scotland First (as it best describes what unifies the SWP, SSP, Greens and SNP) and for all the still aligned activists to plan how we can retain and use the grass roots organisation to ensure that May 2015 sees a majority of SNP MP's being returned to Westminster.

For those seeking a recount, wake up it will never happen, focus on the serious tasks which are in front of us like cutting Margaret Curran's 11,800 majority because the campaign for Scottish Independence is not over, a campaign which has been running ever since 1714 but it can not be won until the Labour apparatchiks like Curran, Murphy, Davidson are political history. To think otherwise leaves us in as much denial as the No vote who believe they are 'safer' as a part of the 'UK'.

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