Saturday, 13 September 2014

The last Saturday and still 'No' does not understand

The usual bitter arguments can be seen in 'Comment is free', in the Guardian, against a open and sensible article by Fintan O'Toole .

A bitterness fed by angry ignorance in the greater part. Time to grow up England and accept your diminished role in the modern world, forget Trident - you can not afford it, forget Empire - it is long gone. Time to concentrate on what is rotten at the heart of England and understand the world is looking at what is going on in Scotland and are seeing those emblems of Westminster power such as the BBC struck low, they are seeing self acclaimed 'powerful UK politicians' mocked while they run around like headless chickens saying in effect, "This was not supposed to happen, it is not fair!". It comes to something when one of their own, the ultra British Nationalist - Farage, identifies the similarities between the No Campaign and the strategy of Edward the Second of England at Bannock Burn.

People of assumed greatness and power who are seeing their political system shorn of its over weaning sense of control and right to power, for powers sake, revealed as small people in a panic; after all how could No possibly lose with the organs of the UK State, the UK media, the BBC, the City, the CBI, Tory funding and a tied on, monkey in a red rosette, Labour vote in Scotland behind it?

How could such a powerhouse be left being seen as self confessed liars before an international press and media?

How could one screen capture destroy what little integrity was left in the British Nationalist campaign?

How did Nick Robinson think he would get away with his appalling claims, dissembling and crude edit on the BBC News when the full exchange with Mr Salmond is free to view on YouTube?

Here we are, a few days away from the potential end of the UK Parliamentary Union and neither its politicians nor, it appears, a serious chunk of the English electorate understand why we are now at this point and remain in denial shouting, "You'll be sorry sweaty jocks!" at the tops of their voices and more nastily warning of all sorts of vengeance if the Scots have the temerity to vote 'Yes'.

In their unconscious self mockery they reveal the truth behind the tag the Unionist, British Nationalist campaign has been given in Scotland - 'Bitter Together'.

Meanwhile the anger of those who now feel betrayed by their British Nationalist State in Scotland erupts like so many plukes on the face of the Scottish nation, exhibited as any immature youth would do in the stamping of feet, threats of violence and petty acts of vandalism and that from the servants of the UK media in Scotland who should know better.

Yes will win, as Fintan is suggesting, because it is about the people of Scotland and not vested interests. Our test as a new nation is to ensure this empowered democratic movement stays strong even as the unifying core for a Yes vote is inevitably broken in the discussion on the best way to move Scotland forward. Yet, even here, there is more that unites the Social Democrats of the SNP, the Greens and the Scottish left than separates them - in the months after a Yes vote it is important we remind ourselves of what a Yes vote is about, the reason we have got this far:

Wealth creation and social justice for all Scots and not just those who think themselves 'The Elite'


  1. At our new Yes shop in Newington,Edinburgh over the last few days we have had tourists and press representatives from all parts of the globe and everything that we have seen from the Westminster establishment has been noted by them.
    Westminster is in the global spotlight and it is a very ugly sight.
    A Canadian visitor told me he had watched Gordon Brown on TV claiming that our NHS would be safe in public hands after a No vote and said it was total B/S,so it isn't just us Separists who are noticing the antics of the Save Our Jobs campaign.
    Things will never be the same for the London establishment whatever the outcome.
    Thanks Peter

  2. Oh and I should have mentioned a comment from one of our co-workers that it is now the Battle of Panicburn from the elites!