Monday, 2 May 2016

I hate Squirrels ..

I remember an edition of Blackadder where Miranda Richardson played a female highway woman and would suddenly pull out a gun and shoot a squirrel simply because she hated them. This whole faux feud in the Labour Party, fanned by Blairites, the UK's Zionist lobby and the usual right wing media histrionics, over what is and is not an anti-Semitic comment, is just another squirrel which needs shooting. 

Today's reading has been guided by the stushy generated by the Blairite wing of the Labour Party with regards Ken Livingstone's alleged anti-semitic rant.  Poor old 'Red Ken' happened to point out, in his view, Netanyahu's Likud Party had much in common with Hitler's Nazi Party with regards Likud's policies of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.  

A little known bit of history is the German Zionist Federation did a deal in 1934, in support of the Nazi's 1934 Nuremburg Laws on German racial purity, in which they agreed, in their Zionist eyes, Jews were a separate nation and not Germans. In return any German Jew who signed up to the Zionist emigration program to Israel, funded and run by the SS, could leave Germany, draw down the full value of their German Assets, less an SS handling charge, on arrival in Palestine and also get low rate loans and special deals to import their goods back to the Greater German Reich. It is ironic that many of what are now Israel's major industries were kick started by Nazi funding and preferential trading agreements with the Nazi Reich.

In 1948 Albert Einstein and other non-Zionist Jews condemned the Zionist take over of the promised Jewish homeland of Israel, its inherent racism and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians which took place, in a letter to the newly founded UN, condemning the Israel of Begin's 'Freedom Fighters' as fascists in no uncertain terms. I wrote about my research and my surprise in discovering the close links between German Zionists and the Nazis in the 1930's in November 2014. The attempts to link Livingstone's comments with claims of holocaust denial / anti-Semtitism are vacuous in the extreme given a historical reality which has been long suppressed by Israel's Zionists, religious extremists and their apologists.

Instead of the failed UK media pursuing key issues such as:
  • UK Supreme Court's decision which has made clear much of the current Welfare Policy of the Conservatives is unsound in law, breached claimants rights and has stopped any retro-active legislation to save what is left of Duncan-Smiths tattered Y-fronts in its tracks
  • The scandal over the Conservatives improper use of election campaign funding and its accounting
  • Ruth Davidson and the continuing saga of misuse of confidential postal voting data
  • Hunt's disastrous attempts to claim it is him and not doctors who care about the NHS
  • Cameron's use of tax avoidance scams
  • Osborne's ever increasing national debt chasm and stagnant economy
  • The Type 26 lies and failed promises and all the other things that would have happened if Scotland had left the UK which are actually happening because we stayed in the Union
We have a retread of 'Red Ken's a moron' articles from his days as London's Mayor filling the pages which pass as news, opinion or comment plus more scare and histrionics as to whether we should stay in or leave the EU with the 'stay in kettle' calling the 'get out pot' black and vice versa. Then there are the fairy stories about how Dugdale still thinks she will beat the SNP on Thursday, Willie Rennie will be elected on the constituency vote or Ruth's great break through of getting 19% vote share to Labour's 18% to become the 'real opposition' to the SNP at Holyrood.

The sad truth is the usual pro Zionist Israel junket has used the comparison of Likud's policies in the West Bank and Gaza to those of the Nazis by Livingstone as a smoke screen to hide the truth of the actual ethnic cleansing of Palestinians which the Israeli Defence Force is carrying out daily on the Likud Government's orders. It is not just the Palestinians who are feeling the heat of Likud's coalition push for Zionist purity and 'lebenstraum'; so are ethnic minority Jews from Africa, secular Jews, Reformed Synagogue Jews, Hasidim Jews, Samaritans and the homosexual community in Israel. Of course you will look hard to find civil rights protests by these non Zionist groups in Israel against the Likud Government reported in the UK media. Neither will you read reports of the Likud coalition, right wing religious party's push to have only committed Zionists and those of the Orthodox faith in Israeli Government positions and heading its civil service. 

It is something to ponder that modern Israel relied on Nazi Reichmarks to found and kick start its economy in the 1930's and now relies on annual multi-billion dollar funding from the USA, both Federal Government and Jewish donors, to keep its head above water and its repressive regime in place. Once Syria falls under the influence of Wahhabist Saudi Arabia's religious grasp, Saudi will have a controlling influence over much of the Middle East's remaining oil reserves, leaving Iran isolated and friendless in the region. If that happens, what will Russia do as it does not want Wahhabist religious nutters on its southern border or, for that matter, supposedly secular and democratic Turkey? 

If I was sitting in the Kremlin's Foreign Office, I would be looking to support the Kurds in that situation and trying to get Iran to agree the founding of a Kurdish State which would ensure instability in current Iraq and Turkey. Turkey would then be under pressure from both Saudi (to conform to their Wahhabist religious and political view point) and the Kurdish self rule grouping pushing for a Kurdish State. In the background both NATO and the EU would be having serious thoughts about Turkey's continuing or prospective membership. Turkey would have to give up its pretense of being that most Westernised and secular of Islamic countries or give into the Kurds wishes for a state and tell the Saudi's thus far and no further.

What then happens to a Zionist controlled Israel when Saudi Arabia takes defacto control of the Arabian peninsula, as it currently plans to do by sorting out Syria, fulfilling, in the Saudi's eyes, the promise the West made to Saudi Arabia in the bartering around the schizoid 1917 Balfour Declaration and Israel becomes, therefore, no further use as a bargaining chip for the USA Federal Government when dealing with Saudi Arabia?

These are just a few of the serious issues facing us in the near future which the failure to shoot this latest of the UK media 'look a squirrel' cover up leaves undiscussed an issue which does and will impact Scotland as an energy producer whether part of the UK or as an independent nation.


  1. "...fulfilling, in the Saudi's eyes, the promise the West made to Saudi Arabia in the 1919 Balfour Declaration..."

    Peter, you may want to edit the above. It's a bit jumbled up.

    The Balfour Declaration was in 1917 and it promised the Zionists in Britain and Ireland support for a Jewish National Homeland in Palestine. The main problem with this was that in the previous two years the British government had also promised certain Arabs control of Palestine (and other areas) in exchange for supporting the fight against the Ottoman Empire.

    Britain at its best! The tragedy is that most people in the UK are oblivious to Britain's role then and at other times in causing so much suffering in the Middle East. The recent opportunistic conflation (by certain establishment figures in the UK) of anti Zionism with anti Semitism - though they are related sometimes - will only allow the Israeli state to continue abusing the Palestinian people. Other people in the Middle East will also continue to suffer at the hands of America's proxy.

    1. Thanks, corrections are always welcome ..... I wrote this late at night and my fact checking was not sufficiently accurate as I tried to get my thoughts down.