Sunday, 15 May 2016

The EU is the Third Reich ...

So; according to Boris Johnson the EU is actually Hitler's plans for Europe writ large and brought to fruition, the Third Reich lives!

I await with interest to see tomorrow's condemnation of Boris' flatulent and ignorant outburst in the Telegraph, Daily Mail and all the other papers who rushed to condemn the same 'Hitler' comment when accurately applied to the current Zionist / Fascist government in Israel. I expect I will be waiting a long time before I see condemnation of Boris' stupidity splashed across in the banner headlines or the finger pointing Labour MP's and leadership recently received on the same issue.

Boris' contention does not stand up to the slightest scrutiny. The EU is not aggressively seeking 'lebenstraum' nor is it imprisoning and murdering EU citizens simply because they are the wrong religion or race. The only forced labour camps which exist are in Boris' neo-conservative world of zero hours contracts and low wages which Boris approves of to enhance 'competitiveness'.

My real concern for Boris and his political allies is this: they are happily ignoring the darkness at the heart of their own policies which are pro-plutocrat, oligarch and highly centralised governance all of which are markers of truly fascist politics, the very same politics espoused by Hitler's Nazi Party as the 'cure' to a sick Wiemar Germany. The irony that it is Boris' wing of the Conservative and UKIP party are the fascist kettle calling the EU pot black when the reality is the EU pot is pretty shiny in comparison.

The truly disgusting aspect of the pretense of this 'EU debate' is this; a serious issue has once again been reduced to to the handbags at forty paces, yah-boo, infantile politics of the Westminster bubble which is epitomised by Boris' latest outburst, cheer lead by a UK media that is controlled by just six media moguls combined with a BBC News outfit which is scared of its own shadow and whose idea of searching journalism is simply to regurgitate the latest party propaganda news sheet as fact.

We have seen the crass ignorance and stupidity of this Westminster media machine in the image they are trying to create of a great Conservative victory in Scotland's Holyrood elections over the last week, in an attempt to fill the vacuum created by the implosion of Labour's Scotch wing and the high level of denial the Unionist Parties are actually living with in Scotland. The Torys' 'success' was to beat an already collapsing 'Scotch' Labour vote into a distant second place, well behind the SNP, with a Conservative vote share which is still well behind the levels which lead to their wipe out in Scotland in 1997. The real story was 'Scotch' Labour's removal from its West of Scotland fiefdom by the SNP and the implication this has for next year's council elections and the potential destruction of 'Scotch' Labour's council stranglehold not just in the West but across the Central belt which the current cosy arrangements with Tory councilors and 'independents' will not plaster over.

Where does this leave us, the sovereign citizens of Scotland?

We have a UK Government we have not voted for and the Tory's as the main opposition party at Holyrood, a party which is actually the third choice of the majority of voters in Scotland. Just how will the Unionist journalists spin anything the Tories at Holyrood do in a positive light while understanding the reality the party lead by Ruth is still about as popular as a warm dog turd on the average Scot's doorstep?

How will the Labour lovies at BBC Scotland continue to trumpet all things Unionist when the vast majority of voters in Scotland have dumped their 'Scotch' Labour pals, rejected the Unionist Parties for the third time and did the same in no uncertain terms in 2015 UK General Election?

We punters know the first FMQ's is going to be a blood bath for Ruth as she will be handed her head on a plate on virtually any issue she cares to hold the SNP Government to account on. We will no doubt hear the usual unionist apologists at BBC Scotland desperately seeking to find some positive to 'blaw aboot' no matter how minuscule it may be and then calling it a 'telling blow'. How will the Marcus Gardham's of this world seek to promote a party which has been their longstanding foe, knowing by doing so they will be signing the death warrant for 'Scotch' Labour?

Yet all we hear from Unionists politicians is the SNP's continuing political control of Scotland is because we, the sovereign Scottish citizens, are not listening to them, the Unionists, and are therefore 'stupid'. We will continue to hear this level of denial and insult by the Unionist side to the Scottish electorate on a daily basis, from the same failed politicians and their media chums, between now and the next UK General Election or until enough Scots say 'We have had enough!' and we finally walk away from this failed and destructive political union called the UK.

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