Sunday, 24 July 2016

A letter to DWP Medical Assessment System

Dr J Mengele MD
DWP Medical Assessments Ltd
Owswich House
Birkenhow Road
NA 12 IS

Dear Dr Mengele,

Re: My recent DWP medical assessment

I have a number of problems with the process.

My main concern starts with the Dr you employed to carried out my assessment. I had great difficulty understanding his thick Austrian accent and found his inappropriate hand gestures accompanied by, if I heard correctly, a "Seig Heil, mien Furher!" or two when ever he took a phone call from your good self, a bit off putting.

He seemed to be unable to explain just where his medical expertise to assess my many and complex physical and mental conditions lay and kept mumbling, "I never had zis problems when I was working the camps." which I took to mean he had been previously employed by Teresa May's Home Office's Border Control Unit at one of their infamous holding camps for illegal immigrant detainees. He explained he had a diploma in public health which sounded appropriate until I remembered the RN doctors who had these qualifications were known to one and all as 'drain sniffers' though maybe he meant occupational health which, potentially, would be more appropriate and I merely misheard him.

My problem was more the fact he had no knowledge of thoracic outlet syndrome, fibromyalgia or their  physical impact and kept muttering, "In my war, we treated people like you as cowards and we hung them from nearest tree as a warning to other backsliders.' as I described the mental problems my combat PTSD causes me on a daily basis.

What caused me greater concern was his continual reference to his DWP medical assessment guidance notes as, "Just like referring to the Furher's excellent Nuremburg Laws." or his incessant questioning of my ethnic background or if I had a twin, "As Dr Mengele was always looking for twins who would volunteer for some experiments he had in mind ". This he explained was nothing to do with the DWP, as such, simply to expand medical knowledge and was one of Dr Mengele's pet projects. Apparently you are also looking for people on disability or sickness benefit to volunteer on a project regarding hypo and hyperthermia as part of the DWP research on the elderly in cold homes as apparently they can either eat or heat their homes, not both.

He seemed a bit upset when I pointed out I had trained as a triage officer in my RN service and the cohort they were looking at for their experiments would be put at risk in either of these environments. At that point he started shouting he would have me sanctioned if I did not volunteer as he considered me fit for this sort of work. Apparently if I am dead on the day of the experiment, my family still have to turn up with my body, as this is the only proof you and the DWP will accept. My wife would like to know if it is OK if she has me embalmed first otherwise it might just get a bit smelly in the house if there is a long wait. She called your secretary, a Ms Irma Gretz, who apparently was primarily interested if I had any artistic tattoos on my body before telling my wife I could not be embalmed as it made the skin hard to get off.

Being a medically trained professional I decided to do some digging and apparently in the last year, alone, the DWP sanctioning program has resulted in over 16,000 deaths of vulnerable and sick UK citizens. I could not discern whether this was a direct result of your own experimentation on the sick and disabled or people taking their own lives to avoid your sick and oppressive DWP medical assessment program and its vicious sanctioning scheme.

As a result of my own investigations I have learned your DWP medical assessment program has been condemned in reports by UN, EU and OCED special commissioners as inhumane, oppresive, discriminatory and a serious breach of the people of the UK's human rights, especially the sick and the vulnerable. 

Further the UK Courts seem to agree this is the case and the DWP benefits sanction scheme has lost case after case in the UK Courts with even the 'should be in the Westminster Establishment's pocket' UK Supreme Court upholding the lower courts judgements against the DWP program. 

So I will not be turning up as commanded by the doctor in the medical assessment centre and will see you, your past and current boss in court before the Court of Session in Edinburgh as I press the case that your actions are contrary to the considered will of the people of Scotland, as expressed by our MPs and MSPs in vote after vote at both Westminster and Holyrood, a will which is paramount. 

Further the legal and constitutional basis of your claim for the sovereignty of the UK Parliament at Westminster over Scotland is based on a fallacy, as Scots Law and constitutional practice does not recognise the solely English Law constitutional position of the 'Crown in Parliament' as the people of Scotland's considered will is paramount. The people of Scotland lend their considered will to their MPs and MSPs to exercise on their behalf, not to the UK Westminster Parliament. Scotland's democratic parliamentary system has been, since 1328, a nascent system of polity which has developed in modern times to become known as a 'representative democracy'.

Dr Mengele, I hear their are better job opportunities in Argentina for people like you, if you move fast enough before we catch up with you. Maybe you could advise your ex-boss, Mr Duncan-Smith, and current boss,Mr Crabb, to do a runner to Argentina along with you before it gets messy.

Yours aye,

The Sovereign People of Scotland.


  1. Okay, just read first 2 paragraphs, I hope it is made up, his comments on nazis and med experimenting. I also hope you had a witness, legally entitled to take anyone with you who can also take notes. Will read the rest later and get back to you, I have been to one of these 'interviews' with my son, 1 and1/2 hrs. It was basically an interrogation. The people doing these interrogtaions are paid handsomely, a Dr gets 84k a yr, a nurse or similar gets 44k or similar. I was just doing my job, aside from the word collateral, must be the worst and most dangerous sentence ever uttered. Hope you have recovered.

    1. Hetty this 'letter' is a wake up call, a dark satire on what is coming next, the UK as as dark a fascist state to rival the Third Reich in its destruction of those who they see as weak or a danger to the UK political establishment.

    2. Ah, just goes to show it had me thinking it was real. The fact they are capable of this type of thing is scary enough. I read that a guy supporting a disabled woman to an 'assessment' in Dundee, and told he could not accompany her. The private company doing the interrogation, called the police, he was arrested for shouting at staff though it was on their hearsay, and has been given 150 hrs community service to do in 6mnths. He is already a volunteer for the disabled/unemployed. When he trued supporting someone else in the same building they called the police. Looks like they targeted him, but for the judge to force 150 hrs on him is a disgrace. It is being challenged, I doubt it will be revoked.