Thursday, 1 September 2016

Stunned Silence

It has been a month since my last post, not because I did not have anything to say but most was already being said much better by other Indy bloggers and commentators whether it was yet another 'SNP bad' tale of woe, the fiscal lunacy of believing anything in the politically concocted, contorted and largely meaningless GERS or the resurfacing of yet another 'How Now Brown Vow'.

What has stunned me into silence is the extraordinary ignorance and arrogance of the Westminster political fiefdom and its media puppets. There appears to be no cognisance of the degree to which they and their games have been exposed and seen for what they are by an ever increasing number of UK voters.

Take,for example, the current mantra of "Brexit means Brexit" Ms May comes out with when asked if she has a scooby-doo about the basic plan for leaving the EU. Even the most died in the wool Ukipper is struggling to understand what the hell she means and yet the media pronounce this as some amazingly clever bit bit of politics by her and her cabinet. Ms May may as well say "How long is a piece of string?" in answer to the increasing demands for at least an outline of a plan for the Tory Government's EU exit intentions. The strong suspicion must be the right wing (moderates, like Ms May) and the even more right wing (very slightly to the left of UKIP, like Duncan-Smith) of the Tory Party are still fighting like rats in a sack about how 'definitive' the split with Europe is going to be while hoping the EU will buy into their neoconservative cherry picked list of 'wants' or else the UK will have a hissy fit and storm off, "So there, nyah, nyah, ya, boo, sucks!".

The Red and Blue Tories and the right wing press miss the point that from an EU perspective the UK has had its hissy fit, has thrown its toys out of the pram and is now having a prolonged temper tantrum because it has been told by the EU it will get what it is given, no more; no less but does not wish to believe it. EFTA has taken one look at this unpleasant UK problem child and told it to find a different play pen because it has no intention of sharing its own one with the UK.

Meanwhile the usual suspects at the BBC interview Boris the Buffoon as he blusters that actually it is the EU which will just have to jolly well go along with the Tory view of what's what and do what we Tories tell them on Brexit otherwise, otherwise, otherwise, well the EU is just going to have to because we are the UK and we are still very important - see!

Given, since the 23rd of June, this has been the UK Government's only line, is it any wonder any person with a couple of neurons to rub together has ended up sitting stunned, silent and dribbling into their cup of tea listening to the ignorance, arrogance and absolutely vacuous response to this major political and economic disaster which passes for UK policy and UK media comment on this whole EU farago (or should that be farrage-o?)

There is a massive black hole in the fabric of the UK as a result of the Brexit vote into which all our lives, hopes and futures are being sucked ever faster. The question becomes, as the SNP conference looms large, can we actually escape the event horizon of Ms May signing the EU Article 50 activation or will it be too late and we will be sucked screaming into the void along with the xenophobes in England and Wales which have brought this disaster to bear?

My bet is the drowning Westminster UK Parliament and their flailing red and blue, right wing, English politicians will do all it can to ensure Scotland goes down with the British Establishment ship of state, even if it means chaining us to the railings ...... children and Scotland first .... anyone?


  1. Who silenced Cameron, Osborne, Johnston, Gove and Leadsome and what do they gain from Brexit?

  2. Very good question. I have been having thoughts that there is something/someone at work in the background to shut them up and influence their behaviour, especially Johnston, Gove and Leadsome.

  3. I am afraid that you are right.
    Westminster is going to (as always) ensure it hangs onto it's Scottish territory and take us out of the EU along with them.
    May's early visit to Scotland was not to assure Scots that they would be respected,listened to and have input into the EU exit negotiations but to ensure that an early independence referendum wasn't held before they could get their act together.
    However,having to fight on two fronts at the same time (EU and Scotland) will prove too big a task even for the massed ranks of HM press.
    Timing is paramount for us.
    Will Scots be fooled again?