Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Brexit Hokey-cokey ..

"You put your right wing in,
You pull your right wing out,
You put your right wing in
and you rattle it about.

You tell Brussels to stuff it
and kick all the foreigners out.
That's what its all about ....

Oh Brexit hokey-cokey!
Oh Brexit hokey-cokey!
Oh Brexit hokey-cokey!
Bish, bang, wallop
All foreigners out."

I have waited a while longer to discover just what the Tory Party actually means by Brexit in some sort of statement from Ms May and her Brexit Tories. The reality is, for all the posturing, I am no further advanced in my knowledge of how long the Brexit string by which we are about to commit commercial, social and economic suicide actually is.

Is the situation one that while Ms May hold the two ends of the Brexit string in her hands none of her Brexit Tories, having seen the string exiting her left hand, have been able to discover how long the bit is which disappears into some other multi-dimension before arriving back at her right hand?

How much of a disaster for Ms May and her Tory Brexiteers will it be if a section of it has been cut out to keep some pan-dimensional being's trousers up, how will her advisers ever know? Just what has Ruth the Tank engine to say on this? Wait here is a press release and Shock! Horror! It is all the SNP's fault because they are already in negotiations with the pan-dimensional beings to see the bit of string in its entirety and negotiate whether the purpose would be better served with Scottish Jute Binder Twine rather than the fraying and tacky plastic string used by the Brexiteers. According to Ruth's Daily Mail spokesperson; this is the final straw and Ruth will be seeking an all party debate in Holyrood to close the Scottish Parliament down as it is not right wing enough and " ... is far too busy sookin up tae the EU to be taken seriously at Westminster. The Scotch deserve better and she will deliver the firm hand of government Scotland needs, by gosh, from her new, safe, Tory seat in Oxfordshire!".

Meanwhile, how are the Brexiteers attempts to persuade the EU to join in their version of the hokey-cokey?

The EU folk who are going to decide what the UK gets on Brexit have so far refused to roll up their trousers, put knotted handkerchiefs on their heads and join in the good old 'East End Knees Up' which is Brexit. The current head of the EU commission has been recorded as saying the Brexiteers will get what the EU gives them, on a take it or leave it basis. So has the putative EU head negotiator who the Brexiteers had so much joy belittling and humiliating for his support of Scottish Independence. In fact it has been hard, if not impossible, to find a single EU government who thinks the UK should get a 'special deal' and be allowed to cherry pick the bits it wants as a fait accompli for the UK's European values. The obverse appears to be true, the EU Governments are chomping at the bit to start the process of kicking the UK out of the EU as soon as possible.

Westminster's non Brexiteers are waving the tattered shroud which may or may not be the UK's unwritten constitution in the House of Lords and it goes something like this:
  • Because the UK Parliament is sovereign (we know it is not as its sovereignty is limited by the 1707 Treaty of Union, article 19) then only the MPs should have a say on whether the UK should exit the EU. For Ms May and her cabinet to unilaterally take the decision to initiate article 50 and EU exit is, wait for it folks, undemocratic. 
  • Further, as the UK Parliament is supposedly 'sovereign', any UK plebiscite (such as the EU referendum) is only advisory on the UK Parliament and not legally binding, as parliament and not the people are 'sovereign'. This apparently is not 'undemocratic' in the same MPs eyes.
  • Ms May is being undemocratic and in breach of the unwritten British Constitution by doing what every other UK Prime Minister has done for the last 300 years - what ever they wanted to, no matter what parliament actually decided because that is the norm in a constitution which has given the executive over weaning powers or as Enoch Powell described the UK's executive system of government, " elected dictatorship."
So MPs ignoring the wishes to leave the EU expressed by a sizable majority of UK voters in England and Wales is not 'undemocratic' nor will be ignoring the wishes of the majority of Scots and Northern Irish to stay in the EU if Brexit is activated.

I suggest the paragraph above explains exactly why the UK Parliamentary Union is now a busted flush and has reached its natural end as it is neither democratic, functional nor represents the wishes of the people.


  1. And this small matter...
    (1)Paragraph 1 does not reserve—
    (a)Her Majesty’s prerogative and other executive functions,

  2. I believe,and May be wrong,that they would have triggered A50 by now if they were certain that Scotland would go along with it.
    That was the purpose of May's visit to Edinburgh....Scottish views will be respected blah blah blah.
    They are trying to ensure that we will not hold an Indy ref before exiting the EU,hence the current outbreak of anti Scottish Indy activity from the Britnat politicians and their supporters.
    Keeping England's Union together is far more important to them than negotiating terms with the EU.
    It will be a hard Brexit once they feel confident that we will not rock their boat.

  3. Oh and I almost forgot.
    What are the chances of Westminster holding secret talks with the European Union now that Scotland has a direct and more importantly sympathetic direct channel to those institutions?