Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Final Curtain

It is 0400 on a Tuesday morning, the sun is already rising in the north east and my usual June, Falkland's induced insomnia has me bright eyed and bushy-tailed. I have had a cup of tea, talked to the dog and stroked the cat. My house is sold and in the next 28 days I will have tidied up the last threads of my divorce, moved to a new house, cut my mortgage liability in half and be ready to embark on my seventieth decade with a clean sheet, plus a whole load of baggage you inevitably drag around with you.

In the process I am cleaning out nooks and crannies, mental and physical, long left unvisited, finding stuff I had forgotten I had and other things I wish had stayed unfound. Throwing some of it away, checking other items for fitness of purpose and asking myself why I need three tents; lightweight, Everest storm proof and a three section family tent. Wondering if it is worthwhile fixing the zip or a broken pole fixing on the lightweight and re-taping the seams on the storm proof's fly sheet (no and yes). Do I really need four sleeping bags of different weights or four rucksacks?

It would appear I now have too much time on my hands to go along with my insomnia.

Over the last six years of blogging I have routinely ranted and occasionally informed, it has been fun but like all things has now run its course. When you are faced with the omnishambles that is UK politics in 2017 you have to ask yourself just what is the point?

Logical argument has failed, we are stuck with the politics of division, scapegoating and ignorance within a UK Parliamentary Union fueled by Westminster party spinners and a lack lustre national media which holds the UK citizens in contempt as it pursues its own narrow concerns. A British Establishment which has lost the plot and is in a downward spiral of self deceit and utter delusion, seeking a lost empire it can never regain and lives on, only its its own demented thinking, as it once again wheels out Liz in an attempt to paper over societal chasms so clearly exposed in the recent Grenfell Flats disaster.

The outcome of the UK Election demonstrates the utter collapse of the UK Parliamentary Union where you have the party of government negotiating with the political front of a known right wing, sectarian, terrorist organisation, in a straw clutching attempt to retain power, no matter how flimsy. As for Brexit .... just do not let me go there ... seriously; don't!

In Scotland we see the media's fawning over a bit part "Scotch" Tory leader who, yet again, came a poor second to the SNP in seats and vote share, acclaimed as the conqueror of Scotland, "those rebellious Scots to crush." Sadly there are too many on the pro-independence side of the fence apparently too ready to buy into this pish of a "great Unionist come back". It is all the SNP's fault, they cry and yet the SNP vote held up overall.

The real irony of the election is the proof positive that in Scotland the claim of "Vote Labour, get Tory." is now proven beyond reasonable doubt and the election has ended up costing the Tory Party dear as Channel 4's Kirsty Allsop put it so succinctly, "..to simply give the SNP a bloody nose in Scotland."

Over at London Labour, how long before the usual Blairite suspects will be mauling Corbyn at every chance, allowing the Tories to carry on on their destructive way by abstaining or voting with the Tories?

Labour's Blairite Scotch wing is quite open that voting Tory at every turn is the way to go. Why will there be any difference at Westminster?

All in all I have decided I have had enough blogging. Human greed, ignorance and stupidity clearly triumphs at every turn; watching fishermen and farmers in the NE of Scotland voting like turkeys for Christmas, being a case in point. I have other things to do with my decreasing energies than seeking to continue to highlight the repetitive, contrary, selfish and self limiting thinking of my fellow human beings as they wring their hands and claim they are powerless in the face of ..... their own ineffectual thinking and fear.

With my move from Larglea, The Tarff Advertiser is closing down, many thanks for reading and occasionally responding.


  1. Don't blame you at all, you'll be missed though. Good luck with the rest of your life.

  2. I agree with you 100% bloody fishermen, farmers, stupid folk and Blairites. What I don't get is why the opportunity to have our own nation to govern ourselves does not inspire. Good luck to you.

  3. I'll miss you too. You have given much food for thought. I can't let myself give up on the hope for better things in an independent Scotland, despite the shit that is going down just now, but I wish you peace and rest in your new start.

  4. Thanks Peter, enjoyed your blog very much even if didn't always comment.

    It is not easy keeping positive with all the absolute disgraceful UKok government's undemocratic rule and the rest, ie Labour and Libdem branchs in Scotland, working to undermine democracy at every opportunity may they rot in hell.

    Davidson is a disgrace to decent human beings quite frankly.
    I fear for Scotland, if shackled to this dreadful, so called union for much longer.

    Surprised, or perhaps not, that England has not risen up given events of the last weeks and months. They still cling on to the Labour party, who will not solve their dissolving democracy, but people seem unable to find a solution, even as simple as setting up a social democratic party, on par with the SNP. Rabbits in the headlights.

    Wishing you all the very best, and do drop into WoS now and again won't you and say hi.

    Good luck in your new and hopefully happy endeavours.


  5. I haven't always commented on posts of yours that I would have liked to. I wish I had now on your "Silent voices: Screaming aloud 4".
    Was it the Geesteport I wondered, but didn't want to stir up memories; I know who the wounded 2SG Lt was of course, but did you treat my mate Mac?
    Mac who later got a job as a security guard and died facing spotty youths in a fucking library of all places. *They* were not the problem, his heart was.

    Sad to see you go mate. Give your dug a clap for me.

    1. Folk came through so fast when the shit hit the fan, I often only realised my own friends or acquaintances had been through when checking the returns at the end of the day. Folk were just a NATO standard casualty number to me, it was how I coped.

  6. Love your blog, even although I never comment. (Sorry about that)

    Have a wee rest and come back again soon - we are going to need more of you, not less.

  7. Peter - the darkest hour is always before the dawn. It might seem very bleak right now but I am supremely confident that IndyRef2 will happen within the next 18 months and Scotland, having now been awakened to the full of the Brexit catastrophuck will be clambering for indy.

    That, the HOPE, keeps me going.

  8. first time i have seen your blog , sorry you're giving up , after what seems decades of media lies and half truths i know how you feel , they are a strange lot the Scots , however much or however often you try and give them the truth it seems as if they have some in built block , years of being told you are useless must have had some lasting effect , it's a wonder Nicola Sturgeon has the energy to carry on .

  9. Best of luck Peter. Aye it's a hard thing to get away from the Stockholm syndrome. Scots,Wha's like them eh?.