Thursday, 28 September 2017

Corbyn .... just another English imperialist

Funny that, I mean it is just fine for the Palestinians to be free of Israeli over lordship but a disaster if it happens to be any part of the so called United Kingdom trying to exit English over lordship. This leaves any sane person wondering just what Mr Corbyn means by his undying support for self determination for the down trodden masses.

Take his speech, long on what is good for "Britain" (aka Englandshire) but empty of any understanding of what is actually going on, politically, in England's "United" fiefdoms. Corbyn is just another English nationalist busy telling the Celtic fringe of the UK he knows what is best for us. His ignorance of the true basis of the UK Parliamentary Union between Scotland and England was clear for those with the patience to listen to what he actually said. Though other commentators have listed just far off beam he is on issues pertaining to Scotland it is worth reiterating the key points of his ignorance to make clear just what he stands for as an English nationalist:
  • That Scots Law and constitutional practise is protected for "all time" by the Treaty of Union as an independent construct, where "all time" means exactly what it says on the tin
  • The SNP Government is already mitigating the impact of Tory social welfare and health policies that his party sat on their hands or actually voted for, to the tune of in excess of £100 million this year alone
  • Scotland has a separate Educational system
  • Scotland has a separate National Health system which operates very differently to England's as the SNP kicked out the insidious privatisation of NHS services started by Labour via policy and PFI and brought hospitals back under NHS Scotland control
  • The SNP has built more social housing than their Labour predecessors managed (not hard, I know)
  • The SNP has mitigated against Labour's PFI schemes and their impact on education and health funding
  • The SNP not for profit funding model has seen public projects, such as the new Forth Bridge, brought in for a fraction of the cost and time wastage of Labour's cumbersome PFI model
  • The SNP is already using its 'powers' to enable publicly owned businesses in Scotland to bid for the next Scotrail contract
  • As a socialist he should recognise the SNP are not his enemy to be 'wiped out in Scotland' but a potential ally for progressive change
  • As an internationalist he is anti-EU (apparently because it oppresses the working man and woman) and yet the EU has been key in sustaining the longest period of peace, between constituent nations, seen in Western Europe, ever, which has benefitted the working man and woman through free movement of labour across the said oppressive EU
His speech is now being spun in the UK media as 'barn storming'. I would humbly suggest it was, in reality, a speech which missed the metaphorical barn doors by miles with respect to Scotland.

I rest my case that Corbyn is just another ignorant English nationalist and imperialist. If 'Labour unity' is reflected in the self immolating wasters in Labour's "Scotch" branch then this was truly the speech of a straw man.

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