Friday, 22 September 2017

Democracy not dead; just pining for the fiords

As we watch the West's increasingly fascist capitalist system defend itself in Spain, courtesy of the silence and or hand washing in the EU capitals and at Brussels on Catalunia (we can not interfere in internal matters), is there any thoughtful person left in any doubt just how sick and weak our Western system of democracy has become?

Here in the UK we have what is technically a Tory minority government, propped up on the shoogly peg of a bribed DUP, claiming powers, based on an archiac English Law Statute, designed to enable Henry the Eighth's autocratic rule to run unenpeded in England and Wales in the late 15th Century. A statute which has no standing or legitimacy in Scot's Law or constitutional practice protected for "all time" by the Treaty of Union.

Over the years I have written time and time again, in this blog, about the insidious enactment of so called "British Laws" which are in breach of the Treaty of Union, warning of the creeping Nazification of the British State and yet it appears the Scots are, like the mythical frog in the slowly heated water, going to be cooked before they realise what they have allowed to happen, courtesy of their own fear and ignorance. A point at which it is too late to make the dramatic change necessary to protect ourselves, our national interests and our successors future - independence.

We need to accept the reality appears to be we are "Scotland the sheep" and not the brave. A nation of too many, "Ach ye maybees richt, laddie, bit its 'aye been' thon wey, ye'll ne'er change aucht, Lunnon 'ill n'er let ye.", boiled frogs to a man and a woman, mushroom people who live in the dark and consume the shit fed them by the UK media without any thought there is anything better on offer. A nation who think tuppence of their own parliament in Edinburgh (as told to by said media) while having no clue as to how effective their 'pretendy parliament' and Scottish Government has been in aleviating the worst of the Tory Government austerity and hatchet jobs on the NHS and Welfare funding since 2010 amongst other good works.

We now find ourselves in the political bullshit season as the Unionist political parties have their carefully scripted, back slapping, 'are we not sooo clever' weekends. We will hear from all the usual commentators just how 'baaad' the SNP is at governing in Scotland's best interests (the increasingly isolated Gerry Hassan has already started) and how lucky we Scots are to be living in a clapped out, roofless, Unionist mushroom shed somewhere a bit north of Watford, not having to worry about being dazzled by bright lights or suffering from sun burn, so eat up this load of recycled, Unionist, media shit like good chaps and chapesses, don't worry your little mushroom heads and just keep giving us kind English Unionists all your resources and profits for free. We will get round to giving your North British mushroom shed a new roof once we have decided just what Brexit actually means; then again, maybe you North Brits should just pay for the new roof yourselves, like you did that ramshackle new bridge over the Firth of Forth that you did not really need.

This Unionist version of democracy wouldn't go 'voom' if you put ten million volts through it - pass me the Scott's fungicide spray, we are down to last ditch efforts to rid us of the mushrooms causing the democratic rot in Scotland.

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