Saturday, 21 October 2017

How was your week?

I will come straight to the point for me it was just depressing, to the point of becoming clinical.

Who can have watched any Tory response this week to the disaster they are wreaking on the UK whether via Universal Credit or Brexit and not feel distinctly doon in the mooth. Who can have heard the outright lies peddled by ertswhile ministers of the crown and Tory politicians in general and not be left feeling powerless in the face of their inhumane ignorance, double dealing and gross incompetence.

How can Labour continue to bleat 'SNP baad' when their best buddies from the days of 'Better th' gither' have stitched them up good and proper with the BAE Govan frigate build sell out. Labour has let down the very workforce they got their trade union apparatchiks in the GBMU and other shipyard unions to convince to vote 'No'.

Talking about doing the day job, how bad are the SNP Government when they can build a longer stayed bridge, toll free, on time which faces worse weather conditions, over the Firth of Forth, for a smaller capital cost than the toll charging one just opened in Liverpool which will cost the average commuter using it daily, over £700 a year?

Yet it was clear during the Universal Credit debate the SNP and Labour MPs have far more in common, in terms of their politics, than divides them. Why does the Labour Party at large continue to allow its dysfunctional and self destructive Labour branch in Scotland any further say over the issue of "blacking the SNP", apart from Labour's cynical putting their own power grab above the needs of the UK as a whole.

One hopeful sign is the stirring realisation amongst the English person in the street, the BBC (and the London media) is lying to them on a daily basis, it will be interesting to see the numbers protesting BBC political bias on the 5th of November across England. Sadly we will need to go to AL Jeezera or RT to discover any coverage of these protests.

Most depressing of all is the substantial number of Scots, in the face of growing factual evidence to contrary, who still think we are "Better Together".

A pity we are not a mammal designed for hibernation ... I would, if I could.


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  3. Amended comment...
    Completely agree, it was a very dark feeling over the week, with little to feel positive about in this dreadful depressing UK, so called union. It's like those old B+W films, where someone is accused of something they didn't do and they have no way of proving they are innocent. English rule over Scotland feels like that.

    On top of the gloom, we have Catalonia, proving that dark forces are at work, even within the EU. It's enough to drive one to drink!

    But yes, the proud Scotbutts are alive and kicking. Most of the ones I knew as friends have cut me adrift, or were abusive about my views on politics in Scotland, then said they didn't want to fall out over "politics', fine by me. I cut them out of my life, had they apologised, maybe we could have mended our differences, but no. Champagne socialists, too many of them around, the worst imho.
    The priveleged middle, upper middle class will not suffer much with Brexit, they feel little effect of a cruel Tory gov, some will vote Labour, to make themselves feel good, pretendy socialists. Many of our most vulnerable, poor, disabled and young jobless, must be in despair, feeling powerless. Universal so called 'credit' is abhorrent to anyone with any conscience at all. To leave your own people with no means of subsistence for weeks, is utterly criiminal. People stand by and shake their air heads, but really blaming people for their misfortunes and poverty. It is a sick society.

    The Scottish government are the only ones that are actually working for the good of the country and people of Scotland. The union, so called, binds their hands so that they are limited in what they can do, to counter the cruel, barbaric treatment by the Tory, UKGov of our most vulnerable people. As you say Peter, Labour are a disgrace especially in Scotland. Keeping Scotland poor while supping at the trough of WM, parasites of the people. WM tory gov are actually deporting good people from Scotland, to undermine Scotland's status, industry and economy, in fact to ruin those things, including tourism. Utter bastrds. I am seeing more and more English people coming to live in Scotland, very nice folk, but they must not have a vote until being here for 3 or more years imo. They have no idea about Scotland. I didn't when I first came here from England 28 years ago. Sounds wrong not to allow people a vote, but they will vote to stay in their country, ie, the UK. People south of the border say, 'our country' when talking about the UK, they have no idea the UK is not a 'country'. They mean England really.

    OK, The sun is out, I have lots to do at the allotment, so hopefully the day will be a bit brighter. Hopefully, but not holding my breath, the next week will be less Kafkaesque, less depressing and oppressive.

    Don't let the bastrds get us down.

  4. I agree with most of your post but I completely disagree that liebour and the SNP have much in common in terms of their politics
    As a previous liebour voter until 10 years ago I decreasingly believed they were the party of the working people , having been forced to look at their representatives , their policies and their behaviour towards working people I am angry at myself for having being FOOLED for so long . Liebour pre and post bliar have been a disgrace to working people , they have committed treason on the very tenets on which the party was founded and the people they were formed to represent , they LIE with impunity , ignore promises made , and support reprehensible laws and policies designed to inflict the greatest damage on the very people they are supposed to represent and protect , all the while espousing a false narrative.

    To me they are WORSE than tories they give false hope to people desperately needing help , they issue platitudes and promises all in the name of keeping their place at the trough . E.g. Sarwar and many others , millionaires falsely claiming that they understand what it means to just about manage
    They are the left hand of the establishment I have as much contempt for them as I do tories or lib dums