Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The UK Government is killing its citizens

I was watching a documentary on the Vietnam War which sent me right back to the 1970's and student Anti-War demonstrations, I remember watching live television of the student demonstration in London's Grosvner Square, outside the USA Embassy which went from peaceful to a battle as the US Government of Nixon put pressure on the UK Government to stop the demonstration and an ill prepared Met Police Riot Squad lost the battle, only making the situation far worse. The protest was not simply against the Vietnam War but the series of killings of US students on their campus at Kent University Ohio and in Jacksonville, while peacefully protesting, by the US National Guard. It was the beginning of the end for Nixon, soon to be swallowed whole by the Watergate Scandal and impeached.

This brings me to today and what is happening across the UK on a daily basis, the deliberate action and policy of the current UK Government which is killing UK citizens just as definitively as the US National Guard's bullets did in 1970.

Where is the sense of disgust at the inhumanity of the current government, the outcry in the media, the weak and feeble Labour opposition to this modern day form of eugenics which denies the poor, sick and disabled support they need to simply to live on a day to day basis?

We know the change from the old disablement benefit to the ESA system has killed over 6,000 UK citizens according to the DWP's own fudged figures, a statement which leaves you pondering by what factor do you actually have to multiply the DWP figures to get near the real figure.

We are becoming aware of the disaster to families of the change from the previous benefit system to Universal Credit is having in terms of homelessness, starvation and keeping warm. This government is denying UK citizens the basic survival need of a roof over their heads, food and warmth and has been roundly condemned by the UN Human Rights Commission for this failure. The evidence is mounting, this policy is driving people to take their own lives, as they can not face the humiliation of the detrimental effects of UK Government policy - back door eugenics.

I look in vain for condemnatory motions being raised by the main party of opposition, Labour. SNP MPs are loud and vociferous in their condemnation of the destruction of the UK's formerly world renowned welfare and health care. Yet from the opposition benches around them there is silence, possibly embarrassed, as Labour's hand sitting, during vital votes over the last ten years, has enabled the dismemberment of the health and welfare state, especially in England, they claim to believe in and promote as Labour's big contribution to the UK State.

What I can not understand, is why are there so few ordinary people who are angry that their government is killing its own citizens?

Disabled and mentally impaired special interest groups are trying to get people to listen to the disaster which is ESA and Universal credit yet their appeals to stir their fellow citizens to action fall upon deaf ears or responding mouths that employ meaningless platitudes which achieve nothing.

I have a simple appeal and it is this, write to your MP, MSP or Assembly Member and ask them:

What are you doing to stop the killing and unnecessary deaths of UK Citizens caused by the UK government welfare and health policy?

Or are you happy for the UK Government to continue with its back door eugenics policy and take out their next target, your elderly parents who cost the state "too much"?


  1. Hello Peter, hope you are well.

    I'm trying to find an article(or articles) I read a few years ago. I'm only 40% sure they might have been on your blog, mind you.

    The subjects were regarding how the EU offered behind-the-scenes support to the devolution movements in the UK. The driving reason was those ex-USSR countries being expected to pass "democratic tests" which the UK would have failed. The Scottish Constitutional Convention and the '89 Claim of Right may have been involved.

    Hence the Tory unity falling apart in 1992-1997 as they did not want to be the party to carry out required changes. As a result, Blair was forced to serve devolution up, create the Supreme Court and fiddle with the Lords.

    Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? Thanks in advance!


    PS: My MP is Mhairi Black. If I had a Tory MP, I'd be raising hell with them, but Mhairi doesn't need telt. :)

    1. I watched Mhari's speech and she said all except pushing the point the policy is killing UK citizens, I note the Tories took a hammering in the advisory vote having been told to sit on their hands. Her speech has gone viral after being shown on Channel 4 and, at last, Labour politicians inadvertently showed what can be done by working with the SNP rather than against.

      As for your other point, devolution was forced on the UK Government by the EU as a requirement of the EU policy of subsidiarity, that is the idea that power needs to lie where it is best effected. UK devolution met the minimum requirements of the EU and EOCD treaties on this issue which is why most regions of the EU have more powers than the nation of Scotland.

    2. Yes, Peter, devolution being forced on the UKGov by the EU is what I'm trying to find evidence of. Do you know if there are any blog articles or archived official documents about it?

    3. https://www.cairn.info/revue-politique-europeenne-2002-2-page-114.htm

      Try this as a start point.

  2. https://ncdiblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/our-unsu-ng-heroes-the-explosive-truth-about-the-formation-of-the-scottish-parliament/