Sunday, 25 February 2018


That is how I feel at present, just blank. What is there to say about a UK Government carrying on with the Brexit process in spite of every economic indicator telling them it will wreck the UK economy, especially in Northern England and Scotland.

One thing the present stramash and bourach in Westminster tells us is the UK Parliamentary Union is now a failed state, the cracks are clear, the rotten heart at the centre of the British Establishment, has been revealed by Brexit. The party of government is a headless chicken running around in ever decreasing circles and the English electorate do not have a real option given there is so little between Labour and the Tories in any real measurement of political policy.

Corbyn has now demonstrated time and time he is just another Southerner who does not have a clue about Scotland or our political leanings; except he needs us to vote for him to give him any sort of chance to become Prime Minister. His current puppet in Holyrood appears equally clueless as put down after put down by the First Minister has revealed. The Shadow chancellor is just a monkey in a dustbin banging on about SNP bad for not doing enough to ease the problems amongst the poor and vulnerable his party's hand sitting at Westminster created by allowing the Tories to undertake an open war against the most vulnerable in our society.

Scotland in Union is now riven by the same chasm of Brexit that is destroying the Tory Party.

The BBC Scottish television and radio news is watched or listened to by an ever decreasing Scottish audience, the Unionist backing newspaper circulation in Scotland are in freefall and suffering financially as advertisers dessert them in ever increasing numbers.

For those of us who listen to the world outside the London media Brexit bubble all we see is the UK State turning against longstanding European allies and alienating inward investors such as Nissan and Honda. We see the English NHS being sold off pell-mell to the usual companies that have made such a mess of welfare services, rail services, providing IT support, PFI and all the other UK Government outsourcing so beloved of the Tory Party's untrammelled capitalism. The impact on English NHS of the sell off, is ever fragmenting core services. We have seen reports of GPs in England not being able to give a child in need, an emergency prescription because their own GP was contracted under Virgin Care and not their Trust.

Is this 'Better Together' when the Westminster government is selling off the rest of the UK's communal silver to their 'besties' for no other reason than it can?

Just where are Corbyn's Labour when they should be defending their supposed core beliefs of support for the weak, vulnerable and a health service free at the point of delivery?

As the true picture of the disaster that Brexit is going to be for the UK's citizens, just where is the Labour opposition to the destruction of jobs Brexit will create across the UK?

Labour have become a caricature of a "Party of the People", a party more akin to a Citizen Smith Party, one where internal bickering over socialist verities and party rules is far more important than doing what is actually in the best interests of the UK or even the application of their pseudo-Marxist political theorems the leader claims to hold so dear.

The UK Government and its formal opposition are just rabbits caught in the glare of the headlights of the failed state which is the UK. They do not know how to turn it around and the falied state is going to roll right over them. So they just stand there, blinking, hoping the treads will not squish them completely.

I spent many years in health care and associated sectors being paid a lot of money to go in and state the bleeding obvious because no one within the systems of management or care had the courage to do so. Here I now am, once again, stating the bleeding obvious, the UK Parlimentary Union, as presently construed, is a failed state.

The question, as always, remains just when will we Scots understand this is the case and walk away. Young people across the USA are now saying enough is enough with regards to school shootings, are taking action to force their national governmment to actually protect them from 'gun nuts' with actionon gun control rather than send "hopes and prayers", we are seeing in the USA the 'millenial kids' having their Vietnam moment; they are saying, enough is enough.

Just when will we Scots have the guts to say to Westminster; enough is enough, goodbye?

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  1. The scary thing is many are still happy to be shackled to a destructive, backward looking, ever more xenophobic, ever more divisive tory/ labour regime at WM. The ScotGov ie SNP as we know are cushioning the blows from the disgusting, immoral and unethical UKgov and their pals across the bench who are complicit in their cruelty on the poor, and most vulnerable people.

    It is crucial, I believe a life or death situation that Scotland gets out of this sordid, backward, dangerous UK, and quick. Let's hope enough people see what will happen if not, Scotland will be destroyed as a country, having had Holyrood dismantled and the SNP ousted. The UKOK gov will use force if necessary, they are so desperate. Wales, NI, they can let go, but not Scotland, not their gravy train, their bread basket.

    England is a mess, but the people of Scotland are living in a much more stable, and equal country with a functioning government who are working for the actual people, not the other way around. I just hope people like an old friend of mine sees how dreadful things could be, if they were in England, no mega expensive treatment to keep the cancer at bay, it just would not happen in England for someone in their 80s, yet they read the tory rags and complain that the Scottish NHS is 'in crisis'. What they don't see is that there is a difference between their own country and their own government, to the one in England. They live in Britain, not Scotland. The UK is their home, not Scotland. The media, via UKok GOv and their dodgy pals abroad, are experts at keeping that false sense of security, or whatever it is, going. I wonder, who the UKGov tories have spoken to around the globe re keeping Scotland shackeled, they have likely already offered Scotland and her industries and water, oil etc, on the cheap for trade deals with England to keep England afloat.

    It's going to be nasty, but Scotland is doing things bit by bit to ensure that England's self destruct stays just that, and not able to destroy Scotland in the process. We can't help England now, they need to stand up against their government if they want change for the better, and I don't see them doing that anytime soon.

    Scotland, an amazing, rich in resources, land etc, so we must get out of the UK soon. I think that the SNP are working very hard to keep apace and tackle brexit in the only way they can, taking a measured and rational and pro active approach. Fingers crossed it all works, time wise.

    I can understand you feeling the way you do, Peter. It's despairing at times.